John McCain is no “Maverick” just a sell out.

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Current Events, News, Politics, Uncategorized
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It astounded me to find that John McCain won primary re-election.  Furthermore, I couldn’t figure out why the voters of Arizona would cast their freedom for a guy who hates freedom.  I highly doubt that those in the state of Arizona bothered to do much looking.  And, yes, the cause for Freedom is steeply stacked against the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) globalist.

As early as this year ‘The Maverick’ placed a bill into Congress that would authorize the indefinate detention of American citizens.  I am talking about S. 3081, the Enemy Belligerent, Detention, Interrogation, and Prosecution Act.  A giant step in the fight against liberty that is so bad, it would make Franklin D. Roosevelt proud. “John McCain introduced a bill into the U.S. Senate which, if passed, would actually allow U.S. citizens to be arrested and detained indefinitely, all without Miranda rights or ever being charged with a crime.”

The report goes onto say:

“This bill, introduced by McCain, who despite overwhelming evidence, claims to be a ‘conservative,’ would not only take away our right to a trial, but would also allow the federal government to arrest and imprison anyone the current administration deems hostile.

“Of course, that would be the same administration whose Homeland Security Secretary has classified veterans, retired law enforcement, Ron Paul [and Chuck Baldwin] supporters, and conservatives as ‘terrorists.'”

John McCain is about as pro-Constitution and Liberty as Adolph Hitler was peaceful.

John McCain supported the banker bailouts and in 2008 made this statement: [McCain would] “order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America.”  Such an action would cost the American taxpayer $300 billion.

If we hadn’t bailed out the banks through the Federal Reserve and had not allowed the Fed to gain their power grab, then the money monopoly would have lost their authority.  Hence, why Ron Paul has tried to audit the Federal Reserve in Congress before.

One more example why John McCain is by the true definition “un-American” and “un-Patriotic”.

On May 1, 2007 before the Hoover Institution, John McCain said if he were elected President he would work to create a “new” international organization called the “League of Democracies”. 

“We should go further and start bringing democratic peoples and nations from around the world into one common organization, a worldwide League of Democracies.” He then added, “The new League of Democracies would form the core of an international order . . .”

In 2008 five members of McCain’s campaign resigned because of ties to lobbying groups.  This is a serious question, because it asks, “just where does John McCain alleigance lie?”

Arizona voters would do this country a great service if they wouldn’t vote for him in November.  He is about as conservative as an elephant is small.



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