An open letter to America’s Christians

By Chuck Baldwin

I was led to Christ at the tender age of 5 while sitting on my mother’s lap. I was raised in a devout, churchgoing Christian home. I have been in Gospel ministry all of my adult life (I am 57 years old). I have attended or have degrees and/or diplomas from 4 fundamentalist/evangelical colleges or Bible schools. I have been the Senior Pastor of a local Independent Baptist congregation for 34 years and counting. I have spoken in churches and Christian gatherings all over the country. I say all of that simply to provide my Christian credentials (in much the same way that the Apostle Paul provided his Jewish credentials in Philippians 3:5,6). As such, I believe I know something about the attitudes, conduct, philosophy, mindset, etc., of America’s Christians. I am not an outsider; I speak as one within the conservative/fundamentalist Christian camp.

Americans — including Christian Americans — lost more freedoms under former President George W. Bush than under any President since Lyndon Johnson, or maybe since Franklin Roosevelt. 

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As it relates to the rightful understanding of following Christ’s instruction that we are to be “salt” and “light” (and what that means for us Americans), and properly rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s (and knowing the difference), there are basically 2 groups: those who sincerely want to help America maintain its foundational principles and those who, frankly, are too preoccupied (or cowardly) to give much thought to it one way or another. I would say that the first group is slightly larger than the second group. The problem is, among the first group, there is a vast void of understanding regarding exactly how we are to implement and carry forth the principles of Christian liberty–which are the principles upon which America was built, of course.

As I see it, there are two glaring obstacles that keep today’s Christians from being truly effectual and influential in helping to restore America’s freedoms and founding principles. And let’s be honest enough to admit that, for the most part, today’s Christians (including our pastors) are ineffective and irrelevant in providing any meaningful solutions to America’s many problems. Sadly, more often than not, we are little more than gullible pawns, which wily and wicked politicians use to advance their own nefarious agendas.

Obstacle Number One: America’s current generation of Christians has allowed itself to become pathetically ignorant as to the Biblical, Natural Law principles of liberty and government. And when it comes to America’s historical principles of self-government and federalism, the ignorance quotient goes up even further.

It is really sad: we Christians (including our Christian pastors) know virtually nothing of real American history, law, government, etc. For example, I’m not sure that we can begin to remotely understand what Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence if we have not read John Locke’s Second Treatise of Government. I’m not sure we can begin to comprehend the American philosophy of government if we have not read George Washington’s Farewell Address. Without reading The Federalist Papers, one cannot begin to properly appreciate the US Constitution and the principles upon which it was predicated. Without reading Pastor Jonas Clark, one cannot understand what really happened at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. Without reading Alexander Stephens’ History of the United States, it is doubtful that one can truly understand or appreciate the principles of federalism and State sovereignty. And how many of us have read even one of the above? And this does not even scratch the surface of necessary knowledge.

Let’s admit it: today’s Christians, for the most part, are operating in a vacuum of truth and understanding. Without a firm grasp of necessary truth, how can we know what to do, who to believe, or how to act?

Accordingly, smooth-talking “conservative” politicians who know how to use religious clichés and terminology to gain our support and votes easily dupe the vast majority of sincere Christians. But it is actually worse than that. We Christians are, for the most part, unwitting contributors to the demise of freedom and rise of oppression in our land.

For example, Americans–including Christian Americans–lost more freedoms under former President George W. Bush than under any President since Lyndon Johnson, or maybe since Franklin Roosevelt. Yet, even today, most evangelical Christians continue to hold Bush in high esteem. They seem to be totally oblivious to the fact that Bush set the table and provided the opportunities for virtually everything that President Barack Obama is currently doing to advance socialism and globalism in our country. For the most part, Christians seemed to never notice that President Bush did almost nothing to change the course and direction set by his predecessor, President Bill Clinton. And liberals are just now beginning to wake up to the reality that, at the executive level, Obama is doing precious little to change the course set by George Bush–including escalating Bush’s war (now Obama’s war) in the Middle East. Will the American people never awaken to the fact that, for the most part, the only difference between these two parties at the national level is one of degrees, not direction?

At the national level, Democrats want to expand Big Government for the benefit of advancing the Welfare State, while Republicans want to expand Big Government for the benefit of advancing the Warfare State, but both want to expand Big Government. Make no mistake about it: neither major party in Washington, D.C., has any intention of returning America to the constitutional principles of limited government and federalism. But do Christians see this? No, they do not!

For the most part, today’s Christians seem to have the attitude that G.O.P. stands for God’s Own Party. That the Republican Party in Washington, D.C., is equally culpable for the destruction of liberty and constitutional government never seems to once enter their minds. The sum total of their patriotism seems to be voting Republican, watching Fox News, and paying taxes. The shallowness of today’s pastors and Christians is a major obstacle preventing us from doing much of anything that would actually contribute to good government.

Obstacle Number Two: Today’s Christians are not willing to support the principles they profess to believe.

I could not count the number of times that a sincere Christian brother or sister has asked me, “What is wrong with my pastor? Why does he refuse to take a stand?” or questions to that effect. Dear Christian Friend, as kindly as I know how to say it, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

I ask you, Why should your pastor “take a stand”? Why should he “get involved”? You and all the others of his congregation are more than willing to support his ministry the way it is. You sit under his preaching. You follow his leadership in the church. You give your tithes and offerings to support his vision for God’s work.

 Look around you. What do you see? You see the Joel Osteen-type churches bulging out at the seams. Churches–where pastors are unwilling to get involved in anything “controversial,” where pastors are content to stay completely disengaged from anything that might be deemed “political,” and where pastors refuse to even hear the truth of what is really going on–are filled every Sunday. They have the largest crowds, biggest offerings, and most ornate buildings. Why, in the name of common sense, would you expect your pastor to “take a stand” or “get involved”? Why should he? You have–by your support, attendance, and offerings–clearly told him that you like him just the way he is!

 Yet, throughout history, it has been pastors and preachers that have led the great civil movements and revolutions–including our own American Revolution. It is no hyperbole to say that without the leadership, courage, and resolve of Colonial America’s clergymen, we would still be a Crown colony of England, with no Declaration of Independence, no US Constitution, no Bill of Rights, and little freedom. And, it’s not like we do not have the same kind of lionhearted preachers today as we did in days of old, because we do. All across America, there are hundreds of Bible preaching men from virtually every Christian denomination who are more than willing to “take a stand” and “get involved.” As an example, go to my Black Regiment list and see the names of over 200 pastors who are out front in the fight for right. The problem is, the vast majority of America’s Christians today will not support these stalwart spiritual statesmen.

See the Black Regiment list at:

So, Christian friend, why do you continue to worship under the leadership of a pastor who has no intention of standing in the gap for our country’s freedom? Why do you continue to give your tithes and offerings to such a church? It is time for Christians who know and care about what is going on to GET OUT of these spineless churches! If you really believe the principles you profess, how can you continue to deny those principles by staying in a church that has no intention of teaching those principles?

If you cannot find a patriot-pastor of your denomination, look for one outside your denomination. I would rather worship with a man with whom I disagree on secondary doctrines (but who is firm on the fundamentals, of course), but who is willing to stand for truth and freedom, than worship with a man of my preferred denomination, but who will do nothing to confront the evils that are currently destroying our republic.

Good grief! We have thousands of evangelical pastors who are willing to follow a man such as Rick Warren; a man who has become a partner with one of the most devilish and sinister organizations in the world–an organization that is actively working against the principles of freedom and independence, and in support of the principles of globalism and universalism: the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

Remember, it was Rear Admiral Chester Ward, former Judge Advocate General of the Navy, who rightly said, “The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all-powerful, one world government.” Most Christians readily discern any attempt at global government to be “of the devil.” Yet, Rick Warren is now an active member of the one organization whose major claim to fame is its incessant promotion of globalism.

How can any sincere Christian who is even remotely aware of what is going on–and who truly cares about the preservation of freedom–follow any pastor who follows someone such as Rick Warren? Yet, the Warren-type churches are flourishing all over America; and, at the same time, many of those congregants complain that their pastor is not “taking a stand.”

So, why don’t YOU take a stand by GETTING OUT of these soft, straddling, sugary, superficial, shallow, saltless churches?

It is infinitely more important that you be in a church that preaches the truth and takes a stand than that your teens attend “the most exciting youth program,” or that your kids are in one of these glorified playgrounds (called “children’s ministries”) so they can play games and stay entertained, or that your church has a softball team, or that it has the prettiest buildings, or that it has music you think is “just right,” or that it is the “premier church in town” for social gatherings or business contacts.

If you live near Phoenix, Arizona, why not attend Pastor Coleman’s church, 35th Avenue Baptist Church? If you live near Three Rivers, California, why not attend The Church of Kaweah, which is pastored by Warren Mark Campbell? If you live near Fort Myers, Florida, why not support Pastor James Riddle at Morningstar Baptist Church? If you live near Savannah, Georgia, why not support Pastor John Weaver’s Dominion Ministry? If you live near Ocean Springs, Mississippi, why not help Pastor John Mayfield’s Chapel of Faith? If you live near Kalispell, Montana, why not support Pastor Jim Huff and Bible Presbyterian Church? If you live near Omaha, Nebraska, why not support Pastor Phillip Kayser and Dominion Covenant Church? If you live in the Oklahoma City area why not help Pastor Jason Murphy at New Life Church in Collinsville, or Pastor Paul Blair at Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, or Dr. Steve Kern and Olivet Baptist Church in Oklahoma City? If you live near Greenville, South Carolina, why not help Pastor Tony Romo at South Pointe Baptist Church in Pelzer, or Pastor Mark Dibler at Bible Baptist Church in Pickens. If you live near Madisonville/Athens/Etowah, Tennessee, why not support Pastor Jim Headings at the Piney Grove Community Church in Englewood? Daniel New has a home church in Hamilton County, Texas. Clell Drumheller pastors Truth in Love Ministries in northwest Houston. Why not support Pastor Brandon Teague at Faith Baptist Church in Paris, Texas? Pastor Butch Paugh is a patriot-pastor in Nettie, West Virginia. Pastor Wayne Sedlak is a patriot-pastor who ministers at Reformation Hope Church in West Bend, Wisconsin.

These are only a handful of the hundreds of dynamic patriot-pastors across America who are truly “taking a stand.” Ask yourself, what could the Church do if, instead of Rick Warren and Joel Osteen, men like those listed above pastored churches that numbered in the tens of thousands? Imagine what could happen if Black Regiment-type churches were the largest churches in a majority of the great metropolises throughout America?

I say again (as kindly as I know how): if you stay in, support, attend, and give your offerings to these churches that are pastored by men who will not take a stand, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

And though I would prefer that everyone have a local church they could support in good conscience, there are hundreds of people across America who, because they cannot find such a church, worship online with me and my church every Sunday morning, as we Livestream our service. We do this specifically for those who cannot find a church that will take a stand in their area.

To tune in to our Livestreamed service each Sunday morning at approximately 10:30am (CST), go to:

If Christians today are to regain any semblance of relevancy in preserving America’s liberties, they must do two things: (1) immediately become acquainted with the foundational principles that created this country, and (2) get serious about supporting only those churches and ministries that truly know what’s going on and are willing to courageously stand in the gap. Anything short of this is pious-sounding rhetoric. And rhetoric will do nothing to help us–not now, anyway.


One thought on “An open letter to America’s Christians

  1. Todd Hambley

    “Christians, for the most part, are operating in a vacuum of truth and understanding. Without a firm grasp of necessary truth, how can we know what to do, who to believe, or how to act?” – You’ve surveyed the landscape, you’ve taken an accounting and what have you seen? That they have been weighed on the scales and been found wanting. I know you’ve read “faith without works is dead” so I ask you what is work? How does the bible define work? John 6:28 -29 tells us the work of God is that men believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. So is God falling short on His part? You reveiw the landscape and what is right in fron of your face? That churches like Joal Olstenes are overflowing with parishiners! And you’re surprised? Does Joel preach the gospel? Is it the gospel that you hear when you listen to this man or those like him preaching? I hear his words but I don’t hear the gospel. He speaks, quotes scripture, then continues speaking yet hasn’t said anything that I recognise as the gospel. What about you? Yet his church is seemingly overflowing, bursting at the seems! What is it that men do in the last days? 2 Tim 4:3 you know the verse. And why is this happening? 2 thes 2:11 Am I taking versus out of context? Egypt and Israel. You know the story. Israel enslaved in Egypt, Moses, in obedience to God warning repeatedly to “let my people go” Pharoah and his army pursuing after them destroyed in the Red Sea. Israel (Gods chosen people) being spared from evil Egypt. Only to then endure testing as they wander in the desert for 40 years. And what end befalls both groups in this story? Death in unbelief. Two distinct groups. One referred to as Gods people, being baptised in the cloud, partaking of Christ as water from the rock, shown mercy and long suffering, patience, righteous judgment repeatedly, yet what is the end for many of them 1 cor 10? Death in unbelief. And what of our congregation and churches today? Are they fairing any better? If these men aren’t preaching or as you put it standing in the gap nor being obedient to Christian principles. Then what are they doing? What are the preaching? And if it’s not accurate to the bible then what is it? Though if you ask them if they believe they’re saved and doing the good work of an evangelist, to a man they will say they believe they are. So who sends them this strong delusion that they should believe such lies? God. 2 Thes 2 he sends them preachers meat for their ears. It is what they’re asking for. What is so incredibly unfortunate is they’ve asked to be excused, many are called, few chosen, many are chosen (Judas) few faithful. How many in Noah’s day? Eight. Yet even the Ark contained the crow (black) bird who once released traveled to and fro. Who else in the bible travels to and fro? What is the intent of the scriptures, the law. Who is it for? Are there not both children of the day and night and yet doesn’t the sun and the rain fall upon them all? You’ve surveyed the Christian landscape and the evidence is clear. God has given the church over to Satan and it should be no surprise as they’ve been in jeopardy since Rev 2, since the beginning. They were never intended to be the fulfillment only the shadow. Have you not read the condemnation of Revelation 2 upon first being established they were in jeopardy of the candlestick being removed, the Spirit of God no longer in their midst! Why? Because of what they are comprised of. The church cannot be the bride (eternal) as the physical congretions do not meet the requirements to be the bride. Without spot, without wrinkle. You know even your own congregation contains spots, clouds without water. You cannot accurately judge who, but surely they’re must be some! In your letter you point out all this but seem to miss the most important part – though you do encourage the reader who sees these things to leave – you follow it by encouraging them to find a “faithful” church. Find another church. Yet the bible warns men when they see such things to “come out of her my people that you be not partaker of her plagues.” Flee and don’t look back encouraging us to remember Lots wife. Pastor – the time has come that men will not endure sound doctrine, the time has come when the parishiners are not the only ones in sheeps clothing. Yes, it’s alwasy been this way in part. False teachers, dead churches have existed since the establishement of the new testament congregation. But what you are witnessing is the fulfillment of the end. It never was meant to go on forever. We’ve been warned all along the end was coming and that it would begin with a great falling away. It’s suppose to. Stop fighting it. It’s done. The first century Priest who obediently fulfilled his priestly duties was found to be in unbelief once Christ fulfilled the law, going obediently to the cross. Yet for many the daily, weekly and yearly sacrificing continued to occur believing themselves to be the children of God not recognising the Messiah when he came. Yes, absolutely God establised the new testament congregation, he establised the rules and laws governing it’s existance intent on it fulfilling it’s role. And like the old, is fulfilling it’s role. And like the old has gone astray only more so. You may argue there are STILL faithful preacher, faithful churches and you have the right. Only let me ask you, what old testament congregation was found faithful AFTER Christ bore the cross? Was the sacrificing of doves burnt on the alter still a sweet savor unto the lord, or the blood of bulls and sheep? Because in the days, weeks and years for generations before it WAS acceptable, it was demanded even. The law was to be followed to the letter or death. Sacrifice or be removed from the camp or stoned or if you were the High Priest and you entered the Holy of Holy’s with sin, you died. Yet following the death of Christ many still followed the law not recognising this major shift in the work of God. Many believe the great falling away of the new testament congregations and judgment to begin with the rapture. Yet, like you, many see the incredible falling away already occuring in the local congregations perhaps even their own congregations. What I find most amazing is, these huge megachurches of today share the same gospel with the rest. A gospel in which man is the sole determiner of his salvation. The gospel being presented as the central figure is man choosing whether to accept or somehow reject Jesus Christ. A gospel in which God has made a way but it is up to man to acknowledge he is a sinner, repent from his evil works, believe on and accept the “free gift” of salvation and eternal life secured for him by the Lord Jesus Christ the author and finisher of faith. The gospel presented as some kind of cross road, a choice made by man to follow or reject. Is that why Pharoah was raised up? Is that why Judas was chosen? Is that Pauls testimony as he references his experience on the road to Damascus. What about Jacob? Or better yet his brother Esau? Is there even a single example of this crossroads existing in the bible? What about Judas, though he repented and sought forgiveness with tears so moved by the realization of his sin that he hung himself? Or what about the whole of Israel who were partakers in the divine as they were baptized in the cloud and partook of Christ the Rock? Don’t forget Pharoah who was raised up for what purpose? That God might prove His power in thee that His name might be declared throughout all the earth having mercy on whom? Those He wills. Our congregations today, large and small all preach the same gospel one in the which it is mans “free” will playing the pivaotal role in salvation. The King James bible I have refers to the will which saves as being Gods, not mans. This same bible references belief and salvation being “impossible for man, but all things possible for God. In Romans, it is not of the man who wills, nor the man who runs but of God that showeth mercy, having mercy on whom He wills and whom He wills he hardeneth (like Pharoah, Judas, Esau) or relayed this way in John those that believe born not of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. Belief itself being defined as a work most clearly in John 6 but surely referenced as the work of God in it’s entirety throughout the bible. Concepts like Will, Faith, Belief, Work are tied together biblically to clearly illustrate it is God who works things after the councel of His own will. Reminding us, challenging us that No one is good, no not one, no one seeketh after God. Prior to the birth of Jacob or Esau, as it is written, before the children were born, before either one had done anything – good or bad, that the purpose of God according to His choice mught stand, not of works, but of Him who calleth it was written the elder shall serve the younger Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated. What shall we say then, is there unrightousness with God, God forbid, for He says unto Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion, so then, it is not of him who wills, nor of him who runs, but of God that showeth mercy. Having mercy on whom He wills and whom He wills He hardeneth. Well if He hardeneth whom He wills; how can He still find fault for who has resisted His will? Need I continue? He is the potter, we are the created clay and from this lump He makes both good and evil, light and darkness, one vessel for honorable use and the other for dishonor. Removing the branches, to graft in another, only to graft in again according to His abubdant mercy. Choosing the twelve, including Judas, the devil, his adversary. Yes indeed the call has gone unto the ends of the world and the choosing from before He laid the foundations of the earth and what of those found faithful? Again, His will, His choice, for His glory. Who has but to glory in the house that was built but the laborer who built it. Who has set the stones in their place in God’s house. God, Christ being the cheif corner stone. Even Christ being at His mercy; Jesus speaking “not mine, but Thine will be done.” Why are today’s churches not preaching God’s divine will in relation to salvation? When did it become mans will? And how is it that nearly 2000 years later, the Christian churches of today, with all the denominations, with all the differing doctrines, differing mandates and confessions, beliefs… how is it they all preach basically the same gospel? They all mirror the basic same confessions when it comes to salvation? Man is a sinner in need of a savior. Jesus Christ being the only begotten sacrifice acceptable to God, salvation available to all mankind, repentance from sin by man, prayer to receive, faith and belief envoked by the sinner as they pray to received Gods free gift of salvation. Mans free will to accept or reject. Accept for minor discrepancies between the denominations it’s the same basic gospel! And in all this wholeness, in all this oneness, salvation of the church is the belief and the confession of every denomination on the planet. The church is the pillar and ground of truth. Those who believe in their hearts that Jesus was raised from the dead and confess with their mouths, those are they which shall be saved. The church is the bride of Christ. This physical, local congregation, which contains the wolves in sheeps clothing, the spots and clouds without water, with it’s itching ears and preachers forordained to this condemnation somehow they can endure and are raptured as the bride?, they are enduring and are faithful? In your letter you are referencing their falling away! But in your beliefs you declare her to be the bride. You declare your congregation to be the bride. Or perhaps they have fallen away as Christ declares as the first sign of His empending return – a great falling away. Where does this end time judgement begin? In the house of God. With those that call upon His name. Where does the beast take his seat? Within the local congregation and what is the great tribulation like the world has never known? That Satan is seated in their midst and the people see it not. You’ve basically said it yourself, referencing Rick Warren a man who assosciates himself with the CFR. But you’ve missed the point. The real question is “how” can a preacher align himself with that which is in clear opposition to basic Christian principles. A man who preaches the same basic gospel as you? The question you should be asking yourself is, how is it you see his alignment with evil, preach the same gospel and yet don’t see yours? You preach in a church in the last days. You bring the law. Saducees, Pharasies, High Priests – they were all bringers of the law. You are a Pasor of a new testament church and you’ve remained, encouraging others to do the same in spite of the warning of the scriptures to leave, when you become aware of such things. Remove the log from thine own eye, so you can more accurately see the speck in anothers. I’ve visited you site. Your sermons are for sale. For sale? Since when do we sell in the house of God? Since when is the gospel for sale? The word of God available for a dollar? Why are you writting letters pointing out the sin of others? Do you fill the gap? The gap you speak of is like the symbolic hole used as an alegory referencing the emptiness of a mans heart without God. Both can only be filled by God, by grace. Your preaching is for sale. Your judgement is on others. Your challenge is to others. It reminds me of a verse. The Pharasees laying burdens upon mens shoulders when they themselves wouldn’t trouble but a fingers worth to bare. Seeing the condemnation, gaps, falling short in other churches. Not only has the new testament congregatoin been in error, in peril, in jeopardy of the Spirit of God being removed from it’s midst, like had happened with the old, but missing that fact that from the beginning it was never intended to be the fulfillment, only the shadow, all along. It being fortold that like the old you cannot, will not head the many warnings, even now pointing out the error of others when you yourself sit in great error. You love the long flowing robs, the best seat, the trumpeting before prayer only to be seen of men. Do you preach a man can be saved today, literally today if he follows the precepts of the church? Is that what you tell your congregation? They can come forwarda and received Jesus and be saved today… if they really mean it, if they believe, if they confess, if they repent. Do you quote the promises as proof. You recognise the work which must be performed only to give glory to man and not He who designed it, planned it, layed it out and fulfilled it and brought it to pass in the creation. The intent being that He would be glorified for fulfilling the law, for saving His people and then you give it to another. Man. Envoking his free will. God being bound until that man allows God to work within his heart? Salvation occurs prior to confession, belief is fulfilled causing that man to see, the work of faith was performed, before He said let there be light. And it is God’s will which will be acknowledged and glorified. Not mans. The gosts don’t know they’re goats any more than the sheep know they’re sheep. Every disciple questioned whether they were the betrayer. And everyman is to wait upon salvation. All the law is fulfilled in one word, in this, thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. Love is the fulfilling of the law; Romans 13:10 Was love your motivation for this letter? You charge $25 for a photo of yourself? Really? But you wrote this letter in the loving kindness of a man concerned for the well being, for the very souls of men? I’m reminded of the money changers in the temple, of the whited sepulchers, of the ornate garments and enlared phelactories. Of the trumpeting prior to prayer. Why is that?

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