Skull and Bones

The Skull and Bones secret society sits on the Yale campus in New Haven, Connecticut and is owned by the societies

alumni, which is overseen by by the Russell Trust Association. The society was founded by William Russell and Alphonso Taft, whose descendant would later be president of the United States and a fellow bones man.

Founded in 1832, Bones as it is called, has been the home of some prominent figures in the White House in recent years such as: George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and the 2004 presidential contender John Kerry. Making for a lackluster competition I think.

The Skull and Bones Hall is nicknamed the “Tomb” and it is held under tight secrecy. It is believed by many conspiracy theory authors that William Russell before Bones was created travelled to Germany to study, and some believe that to be with the Illuminati, thusly, making Skull and Bones that modern day link to the elusive Illuminati.

In closing there is a lot of lore about the actions and influence of the Skull and Bones, and some may see the passing the Bush administration as a sign that the influence of the Bones society is dead. But don’t hold your breath, here is a short list of bones men: Prescott Bush, William F. Buckley, George Herbert Walker. These are just to name a few, but the list goes on and on. Members have been involved media, government, military, banking, universities, and the CFR, also the CIA. And many more I imagine. But the conclusion is. is that for a group that holds secrets so tight to have so much power is troubling. In 1971 Bones stopped publishing its membership roster, so it would difficult to tell who is and who ain’t.

In his memoirs, George H. W. Bush devoted only one line to his membership in the Skull and Bones: “During my senior year at Yale, I was a member of Skull and Bones; a secret society so secret, I can’t say anything more.”


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