2010 Rewind of Fox News

Fox News brought us a lot of good things to blog about in 2010.  Good, that is, for

I just like this pic of Megyn Kelly in GQ.

 us.  If it weren’t for Sarah Palin spouting nonsensical words and dubious phrases and saying that the President of the United States has no ‘cojones’ over the Arizona law and Jan Brewer (‘cojones’ is a Spanish word, by they way…someone might want to tell Sarah that), where would that lead us?

Oh, yeah, Neil Cavuto cutting from a speech by the First Lady in Shanksville, PA. and saying that President Obama was a ‘nobody’ on September 11, 2001.  We would see Glenn Beck crying on television.  Also, we would see Fox leading the charge of anti-Muslim propaganda and the double-standard elements Fox News’ own funding from a Muslim.

Ranker.com has put together the Top 10 Fox News Fails of 2010.  Enjoy!


Is Glenn Beck a ‘Fringe Conspiracy Theorist’ or a Fraud?

Today is a Glenn Beck day.  Sometimes it just goes that way.  Watch the following video.

Sorry to say it, Glenn, but even without you, we already know this.  Or, at least those of us who can think freely.  Now Beck has gone on this rant.  But is he the first to say any of this?  No.  In fact, the answer lies with Alex Jones.

If you’ve watched any of Alex Jones’ videos on Youtube, you will know that Alex will get on a tyrrade of ‘big brother’, he’ll get red faced, and often times I wonder, he must be on blood pressure medicine.

Now all of these things like ‘fixing food prices’, censorship of the media, etc.; include – and I hate to say it – martial law and FEMA camps.  It’s great that Mr. Beck would take the time to put these issues on his show, but he is “not the only one”, and there are those of us who don’t do this for monetary gain.

Glenn Beck is a Fraud!

Open letter to Glenn Beck from Alex Jones

Edited by Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Alex Jones has addressed Glenn Beck in the form of an open letter, appealing to him to “be on the right side of history” by using his growing public platform to tell the truth rather than exploiting it to deceive grass-roots conservatives and libertarians into following a re-birth of the neo-con agenda that Beck has embraced all along.


Glenn Beck,

It is important to preface this letter by highlighting the fact that I do not attack people lightly and have defended you in the past when Van Jones was calling for you to be fired. I fully support your right to free speech.

It cannot be denied that you – Glenn Beck – are an extremely talented radio and television host and you have a magnetism and a proficiency of public speaking that draws people in and maintains their interest. However, being a novice history buff I am also painfully aware of the fact that Benedict Arnold was, like you, a talented individual – he was also a traitor.

History is what matters and being on the right side of history is what’s important when it comes to the legacy we leave on this planet. You don’t want people to look back on you as a Benedict Arnold, as a traitor to America. You don’t want people to look back on you as a media whore, as playing the role of being loyal opposition to sucker legitimate and growing grass roots opposition to the new world order.

Your agenda is to put out a dual message – to discredit and polarize the conservative movement to the benefit of the establishment left and the elite. Your bizarre and clownish antics of fake crying, which you proved were staged when you replicated them on demand for a GQ photo shoot, are doing nothing but reinforcing the stereotype that the conservative right is insane.

Your entire 9/12 project has nothing to do with uniting America and everything to do with reinforcing neo-conservative rhetoric about how we should relinquish our rights and accept the police state because terrorists want to attack us and Saddam Hussein has WMD’s and yellowcake.

As the video below illustrates, despite the fact that you claim to be “a Libertarian at heart,” you have publicly supported programs and legislation that are universally abhorred by the vast majority of libertarians, such as the banker bailout and the USA Patriot Act.

During your Monday September 22 2008 TV broadcast, you expressed your vehement support for the bailout, stating, “The $700 billion dollars that you’re hearing about now is not only I believe necessary, it is also not nearly enough.” However, as soon as Bush left office and Obama picked up the baton and continued the same financial policy, you changed your tune and routinely attacked the bailout as an example of how socialism was taking over America.

The bailout was bad news for America under Bush just as it is under Obama, both were merely performing a transfer of wealth from America to offshore banks and giving the Federal Reserve total dictatorial control over the economy, but you only opposed it when Bush was out of office, proving that your opinions are not wedded to right or wrong, but to which puppet is in the White House.

A host of mainline conservative talking heads opposed the banker bailout, as did the majority of the American people, but you went on television and publicly supported it. This is irreconcilable with you being “a libertarian at heart” as you claim.

In addition, you aggressively attacked Ron Paul and his supporters during the election campaign when it looked like the Texan Congressman might have a real chance of winning the nomination. You implied that Ron Paul supporters were domestic terrorists and should be dealt with by the U.S. Army, but later tried to side with Ron Paul supporters when the infamous and discredited MIAC report echoed your own talking point that people who support Ron Paul were dangerous.

The smear came during a November 2007 show when you were still hosting on CNN. Yourself and ex-Marxist David Horowitz smeared Ron Paul supporters, libertarians and the anti-war left as terrorist sympathizers and inferred that the U.S. military should be used to silence them, parroting a talking point that traces back to a September 2006 White House directive. When asked about the issue, Ron Paul dismissed you as “pretty discourteous” and a “demagogue”.

You Glenn Beck have acted as a cheerleader for the wars of aggression launched since 9/11 and in addition called for Iran to be attacked, claiming that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is preparing a “second holocaust.” Once again, these political opinions stand completely contrary to libertarian principles, which follow the founding fathers’ view that an expansionist aggressive foreign policy is bad for America.

You have attacked Obama for unraveling the Bush war machine to give you left cover, when in fact Obama has done everything in his power to expand Bush’s wars, beefing the campaigns in Afghanistan and Pakistan while removing a token amount of troops from Iraq and replacing them with an even greater number of contractors.

By attacking Obama for being different to Bush, when in reality he offers not change whatsoever, you keep people locked in the left-right paradigm and ensure that instead of coming to the realization that the whole system is rigged, they will merely vote in another puppet for the new world order in 2012.

Glenn Beck – you are controlled opposition, you are there to co-opt and ensure the Tea Parties are under control and that they never focus on taking on the real power behind the American economy – the Federal Reserve.

Bearing in mind that you almost died not too long ago, wouldn’t you rather come to the end of your life, whether that be in one year or 30 years from now, knowing that you stood up for true liberty and freedom? Isn’t that more valuable than your $50 million dollars a year contract? When I was approached ten years ago and offered large sums of money every year to sell out and become what you are today – the new Rush Limbaugh – while accepting tight controls on what I could and could not discuss – I said no and I thank God every day that I made the right decision.

I appeal to you directly Glenn – think twice about what you are doing, think twice about what you are a part of right now. Try to do what you can to redeem yourself and don’t be a Benedict Arnold, don’t be a traitor that takes legions of good-natured but hoodwinked people down the rat hole with you as America collapses because those who had voices and platforms used them to deceive and distract rather than tell the truth.

Alex Jones

Watch Alex Jones’ video address to Glenn Beck which was made during his radio show yesterday.

‘A Meet and Greet with Glenn Beck’ – $500; Staying home – Priceless

You know that old question: “Would an athlete play the sport for thirty-thousand a year?”  Presumably, there would be those Amer’cans who believe that Brett Favre only came back for the money.  Yeah, right!

Well, apparently Glenn Beck thinks that he has risen to the level of “larger than life” because fans will have a chance to have a $500 Meet and Greet breakfast with.  So the question can be asked: “Would Glenn Beck be doing the same thing that he’s doing now for thirty-thousand a year?”

How many two-faced lyin’ scoundrels does Fixed News have – Answer: A lot

Thank God for places that someone can go like newshounds.us.  I wish that all Fixed News viewers would – for just one week – go here.  Here’s the basic rundown:

The demagogue Glenn Beck says that because Barack Obama and a Hamas leader support the “Ground Zero Mosque” he is thereby a “terrorist” – guilty by association.  Now I am not supporting the “Ground Zero Mosque” and not because I don’t support the rights of all American citizens freedom of religion.  Rather, I think it would keep tensions between Christians and Muslims and the Jews down to a minimum.  Not only that, but the 9/11 families see it as a slap in the face.

Not every Muslim is bad; just like not every Christian is good either (I’ve met some pretty bad ones).  My family doctor (before he died of cancer, he was from Syria) was Muslim.  He was a good and caring person.  His staff loved him.

But let’s look at the big picture.  Glenn Beck will not mention that a G. W. Bush aid has come out in support of the “Ground Zero Mosque”.  Fair and Balanced?

Or the fact that leaders of both Christian and Muslim have released a statement condemning the “xenophobia and religious bigotry” of Fixed News”.

As Catholic, evangelical, mainline Protestant, Jewish and Muslim leaders and scholars committed to religious freedom and inter-religious cooperation, we are deeply troubled by the xenophobia and religious bigotry that has characterized some of the opposition to a proposed Islamic center and mosque near where the World Trade Center towers once stood.

 Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, is the most recent prominent opponent to cast this debate in a way that demonizes all Muslims and exploits fear to divide Americans. “It is a sign of their contempt for Americans and their confidence in our historic ignorance that they would deliberately insult us this way,” Gingrich said in a statement. Sarah Palin called plans for the center a “provocation.” Fox News has aired a steady stream of irresponsible commentary and biased coverage that reduces what should be a civil debate into starkly combative terms.

…Mr. Gingrich, Ms. Palin and other prominent voices privileged to have the ear of the media would make a more lasting contribution to our nation if they stopped issuing inflammatory statements and instead helped inspire a civil dialogue between Christians, Jews and Muslims committed to a future guided by the principles of compassion, justice and peace. Fear-mongering and hateful rhetoric only undermine treasured values at the heart of diverse faith traditions and our nation’s highest ideals.

Or his attack on churches that he deems Marxist?  Now, Glenn, pull your head out of your own ass…hears a rag, clean your ears…but, anyway, churches giving, is Christian!  Enough said.

Sean Hannity.  You’ve just gotta love this guy, don’t you?  Clinton still gets the blame for September 11, 2001 even though it happened on Bushes watch.  He still tries to make the Hussein/Osama/al-Qaeda/9/11 connection good luck with that one, Sean.

Oh, who could forget about his “I’ll be waterboarded for charity” stunt.  He didn’t even do it despite Keith Olbermann challenging him to $1,000 for every second he lasts – for charity!  Ultimately the charity Hannity would choose would be…himself.

Just watch the video.  Groden asks Hannity, “have you ever been waterboarded?”  Hannity’s reply: “No but Oli North has, and I’ve talked to him about it”…blah, blah, blah.  You can just here the tone in his voice like oh, shit, did I just say something stupid?  Yes, you did, Sean.

Anyway, Hannity says that the Imam Rauf wants to “shred the Constitution!”  Really, Sean?  Shred our Constitution?  What?  Like its not already just part of a tour anyway?  Come on, Hannity, say something factual, like Bush lied about Iraq and Afghanistan.  Just say Bush is a flat out liar!

Hey, Sean, if you love the Constitution so much, part ways with the Constitution hating Oliver North.

People, this is fear mongering at its worst.  It’s impossible to say that a Muslim cannot be a practicing Muslim and a “Great American”.  Again, there are just as many bad Christians out there.

So long ’til next time, America!

A Foreign Policy Rant

I was surfing through You Tube last night and came across a video of Pat Buchanan giving Glenn Beck a little lesson in foreign policy.

Beck – as he says in the clip – is a libertarian, but he mentions Ron Paul and says the guy is wrong on so many issues. Now for a guy like Beck to spout words of the fathers and the Constitution, wouldn’t it cross peoples minds that he should be against our interventionist foreign policy?

Buchanan mentioned having troops on the border between the Koreas, and asked why? The war has been over for fifty years, South Korea can take care of themselves, why do we need 30,000 troops massed on their border? Sure the North’s ruler is a little out there, but when one looks at our own history, one has to ask the question, what in the hell were we thinking?

Hussein? Obama? Noriega? Musharif? Iran-Contra? These are men and entities we made alliances with in the name of peace? How much more of deficits, how much more of our financial soveriegnty is going to be sold into the hands of the Federal Reserve, other banks and communist China?

How many children are we willing to make fatherless and motherless all in the name of peace? All in the name of propping up governments that don’t exist. Karzai is a figurehead. Iraq still can’t get their shit together. Why else would Biden go over there?

Saddam Hussein didn’t have the military to terrorize a mouse. Would North Korea have any incentive to attack the United states if we WERE NOT OVER THERE?

How many soldiers lives, innocent civilians lives will be lost before this foreign policy is exposed for what it is? A lie. As far back as 1997 the neocons were planning their invasion of the Middle East, and in selecting George W. Bush, they had the fall guy.

How much more of international crisis, wars lead by the United States, joint military excercises done in the face of their enemies will occur before the American people awaken to the sad reality that our foreign policy is just fun and games?

“To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men.”
President Abraham Lincoln

Killin’ can’t be easy…

Movies, video games, television, even music flood our minds with the thought that killing is easy – maybe second nature.  We’re even led to believe that sometimes it is killed or be killed, thusly, we shouldn’t have any guilt.  But is that true?

On a production set an actor squeezes a trigger and a technician off to the side pushes a button and small expl0sions worn in the recipients clothing burst giving the illusion that his life is being extinguished.  But what you never see is the aftermath of what happens to the shooter, even if he is a good guy.

James Lenihan fought in WWII Europe and wrote a poem about the first time he killed a man.  It was long-lost until his two children found it.  It reads:

I shot a man yesterday

And much to my surprise,

The strangest thing happened to me

I began to cry.

I knelt beside him

And held his hand —

I begged his forgiveness

Did he understand?

It was the War

And he was the enemy

If I hadn’t shot him

He would have shot me.

I shot a man yesterday

And much to surprise

A part of me died with Him

When Death came to close His eyes.

War tears apart the soul, it tears apart the world, and even though war cannot be avoided at all times, those who choose to be apart of the military and taking the chance to kill, need to understand that it is not as easy as one, two, three.  I have never killed so I don’t know what it feels like, and so, I cannot sit here and type that I would go and do this and that without actually doing it.

Couch warriors are lead by the likes of Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly into the belief that they would kill someone in war.  But would they?  Afterall, none of them have a history in the military, and despite Hannity’s support of waterboarding, or “intense interrogation”, he still has not taken Keith Olbermann’s offer to be waterboarded himself for the reward of $1,000 to be donated to soldiers families.

Killin’ can’t be eas, and those who say we should stay in Iraq, Afghanistan, and we should nuke Iran and North Korea, I say go right ahead.  Blow men’s brains out like on television and games, drop nukes on the unsuspecting innocent all in the name of teaching those belligerents a lesson.  We’ll see how your conscience fairs.