Donald Trump: The Chicken-Hawk War Fighter


Nothing annoys me more than a chicken-hawk war fighter. You know, the people that have never served a day of their lives in the military, and yet, they believe that they have the clout to say which country we should invade.

What was it? Last week the Obama administration hammered home a deal with Iran to ensure that Iran would never seek nuclear weapons, and Republicans decried it as Israel’s doom? Or, at the very least, anti-Israel. Our entire foreign policy in the Middle East is anti-Israel.

But then you have the idiot Donald Trump. After questioning whether or not John McCain was a war hero, he had this to say to ABC News:

People that fought hard and weren’t captured and went through a lot, they get no credit. Nobody even talks about them. They’re like forgotten. And I think that’s a shame, if you want to know the truth.

He went on to say:

People that were not captured that went in and fought, nobody talks about them. Those are heroes also.

Nobody says anything about them? What was the Vietnam wall built for? Or the Wounded Warriors Project? Granted, I think a lot of veterans have succumbed to the belief that they can’t rely on the government to aid them properly and in a timely manner, but have you seen Congress in the last eight years? Its a do-nothing government.

President Obama can’t even sneeze without generating a scathing remark from the opposite side.

But if we want to be honest about something, Bill Clinton didn’t help veterans affairs. George W. Bush didn’t. And neither has Barack Obama. And at any rate, is John McCain even running for President? And if he isn’t, why in the hell is Trump picking on him? Oh, that’s right. Bad publicity is better than none.

I liken Donald Trump to Sean Hannity. Poured from the same mold, these men sit back snipe of issues they know nothing about. Like Hannity, Trump has never served a single day in the service of his country. He’s never dodged a bullet or worried about whether or not he’s gonna make it home. He’s never seen his home life erode underneath his feet. He’s never been served divorce papers when he’s on the other side of the planet because his wife can’t take the strain. Neither one has felt the clutches of PTSD.

Back in March of 2010, Sean Hannity said that if we catch an enemy combatant in the field, he had no problem with taking their heads, sticking them underwater and scaring the living daylights out of them. He punctuated this with: “and I’m a Christian!”

Meghan McCain was on his show when he said this. This was her response:

I think it’s what separates us from the terrorists. My father could never left me up as a child because he can’t move his arm. He can’t ride a bike because he can’t bend his knee because he was tortured. I think he knows better.

In a segment with Charles Grodin, Hannity was asked whether or not he’d ever been water boarded (because, you know, Hannity had no problem with it), and he said he hadn’t. “But Oli North has and I’ve talked to him about it,” he commented rather weakly. Grodin offered to water board him, which Keith Olbermann seized upon, putting up a thousand dollars to charity for every second Hannity lasted. To my knowledge, Hannity has never put his money where his mouth is.

But that’s the major crux of the matter, isn’t it? For Hannity-a man who has never served in the military-and Trump-who received four deferments between 1964 and 1968, have no bragging rights. When it comes to military service, there are no second-hand experiences.


If Donald Trump wanted to bring the issue of veterans affairs to the forefront of the political spectrum, by all means. But outline a plan instead of sniping at man who spent five years in a POW camp, while Trump, himself, was safe and secure in a freedom service men have died for.

But hopefully, Trump is a fading star, headed for oblivion.


It seems that Mitt Romney isn’t the only flip-flopper!

Days after the GOP is licking its wounds from a devastating loss, pundits like Sean Hannity are flip-flopping like a fish out of water.  I saw this on Yahoo and could not pass it up.  I guess that it is difficult to defeat a President whom was labeled as a liar by the GOP, who in turn, have a candidate with a conflicting political past – especially on immigration.  Hannity had this to say:

We’ve gotta get rid of the immigration issue altogether. It’s simple for me to fix it. I think you control the border first, you create a pathway for those people that are here, you don’t say you gotta go home. And that is a position that I’ve evolved on. Because you know what—it just—it’s gotta be resolved. The majority of people here—if some people have criminal records you can send ’em home—but if people are here, law-abiding, participating, four years, their kids are born here … first secure the border, pathway to citizenship … then it’s done. But you can’t let the problem continue. It’s gotta stop.

John Boehner had this to say:

“This issue has been around far too long,” Boehner said. “A comprehensive approach is long overdue, and I’m confident that the president, myself, others can find the common ground to take care of this issue once and for all.”

How convenient?  In my opinion, the GOP alienated themselves from the White House, their Democratic counterparts, and the American people when they became the “party of NO”!  Here’s the video to Hannity’s comments if you have time to spare.

If Sarah Palin cannot take criticism, then she shouldn’t be President

As the title says; If Sarah Palin cannot take criticism, then she shouldn’t be President.  You can look at President Obama and already tell the difference in his age.  Where else can you have a job where you have over two-hundred million voters bitching at you?

During her interview with Sean Hannity last night, Palin said that ‘they’re not going to shut me up’.  Good.  The more you talk, the more people will see that you are not the one to be the Chief Executive.

And all of this criticism is somehow a means to thwart what Palin is doing.  Sarah, YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING!  You’re making millions off of books and book signings, your contributions to Fixed News, and your vastly filtered interviews and speeches.  You’re not even the Governor of Alaska anymore, so why in the hell are you still called Gov. Palin?  You quit your job, remember?

While Sarah’s map of the United States with crosshairs was not meant to incite rage or anger or the possible assassination of a public servant; she is polarizing and despite reasons that I can possibly fathom, people listen to her.

Her address on Facebook wasn’t so much an attempt to share her condolences as it was a political stump speech, and all in the name of saving her ass.

Benchwarmer War-Fighter Sean Hannity says that we ‘should invade Kuwait and take all their oil’

Remember when Keith Olbermann offered Hannity $10, 000 for every second he lasts while being waterboarding?  Well, he hasn’t changed much.  In the movie We Were Soldiers, Sam Elliot (army soldier)  hands  Barry Pepper (journalist) an M-16 and tells him to go fight.  Barry Pepper responds that he is not a soldier, and Sam Elliot says, “today you are.” 

In the following clip you will see Sean Hannity asking why hasn’t Iraq paid for their own reconstruction, and paid the American people for the lives of soldiers lost?  Like money can bring back a lost loved one?  A son can have his father back?  You have the ability, Hannity, to say idiotic words like this because you sit behind a desk!  You run and whine when snow balls are thrown at you.

Only Sean Hannity who makes millions of dollars a year can sit behind a desk and tell the American people what to think.  Here’s a question:  If Sean Hannity is so much for war, why doesn’t he go fight it?  Or maybe you should do as Jack Nicholson once said to ‘go stand a post’ because ‘I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to!’

Or maybe Hannity is a chicken shit!  I have more respect for a man who goes and fights in a war that I don’t agree with.  But, Hannity, there is no respect for you.  You’re just hot air.

Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have no problem with Obama assassination program

Bill o'reilly

The fight for liberty and the Constitution is ongoing.  First, under George W. Bush it was torture.  Which Sean Hannity says waterboarding is not torture.  Now we have the “change” or “reform” administration exercising the right to “assassinate Amer’cans”.  And it is all in the name of “national security” and fighting “terrorism”.

Watch the clip below.  The journalists opinionated “pinheads” at Fox News have nothing against this.  And as you watch the video, you will see that they try to make it look like the CIA has some sort of credibility.  Yeah, right!

The words Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due Process of Law, go in one ear, swims around in the bullshit, and slides out the other ear with these people.  And the ACLU apparently doesn’t care about the safety of the United Sates.

Article of interest: The loss of American Citizenship and Assassinations.

Jerry Springer doesn’t back down from Sean Hannity

It’s always great to see a guest on Fixed News that doesn’t back down to the likes of Sean Hannity.  The debate was over Obama’s track record, healthcare, and spending. 

Somewhere in the interview Hannity says, “if you blame Bush I’m gonna come through this camera and strangle you.”  “Metaphorically.”  We won’t even go into the long and sordid history of Hannity’s rantings against Bill Clinton, but let’s just say Hannity is not “fair and balanced”.

Though I disagree with Obamacare, I must say the Springer held his own, and that is commendable.

Later in the interview Hannity went on another rant accusing Springer of “blaming Bush.”  Jerry fired back saying, “I never mentioned his name.”  And Bush inherited a recession, but did he?

As one economist points out, the economy did not begin to show signs of slowing down until September 2000.  Furthermore, the recession that “Bush inherited” didn’t come into full swing until March of 2001.  Conclusion: Bush did not inherit a recession, it happened on his watch.

Hannity named off a whole slew of things that are wrong with this country: housing bubble, debt, foreclosures, etc., and that Obama has had two years to fix it.  But praise Jerry Springer when he rubbed Hannity own propaganda crap in his face when he said that “not all things can be fixed in two years.”  Even Ron Paul has said that the economy cannot be corrected in that amount of time.  It’s impossible.

All history is relevant and is subsequent to historical ridecule.  One can only guess why Sean Hannity – even when the issue is not brought up – has to bring the name George Bush into the foray, but lets leave that to speculation.

Sean Hannity with his smug look of arrogance makes me want to come through this computer screen and bitch slap him.  Metaphorically.

The Art of Fear

Michelle Malkin (right)
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I will say this with honest sincerety: I do not fear Muslims.  Call me crazy, call me whatever you want, but I don’t.  Muslims are not our enemy; al-Qaeda is our enemy. 

You can go the Sean Hannity route and proclaim that Muslims want to suspend our Constitution in favor of Sharia Law, but in reality, who has the greatest ability to suspend our Constitution – the Muslims or our very own government.  Certainly unde G. W. Bush the Constitution was put into the ring to duke it out with the literate challenged President, and the Constitution lost.

But as Ann Coulter says, “he kept us safe.”

Now, by now you’ve heard of the cabbie in New York (a Muslim) who had his throat, shoulder, and lip sliced open, right?  Now while this incident cannot be blamed on Fixed News, Michelle Malkin went on Fox and Friends to blame it on none other – the liberal media.

“It happens habitually time and again… there are people in the left with a kneejerk impulse to indict the right.”

The debate between right and left, wrong and right, is beside the point.  This Muslim has been in the United States for at least twenty years!  A cab driver for at least fifteen!  And this is the price he pays for his First Amendment right to practice his religion?  A knife to the throat?

Is this the sort of America we want?  The kind of America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, to come to the resolve of murdering those who are different all in the name of one word – Fear!

Or are we to revert back to the days of McCarthyism?  Days where the loyalty of many to the United States were questioned.  Where Americans were brought to Congressioanl investigations based on the worst of evidence later to be overturned.  However, the impact of their subsequent suspicion of being communist forever damaged their careers.

“A half century later, when the only people who call themselves Communists are harmless cranks, it is difficult to grasp the importance of McCarthy’s crusade. But there’s a reason ‘Communist’ now sounds about as threatening as ‘monarchist’ — and it’s not because of intrepid New York Times editorials denouncing McCarthy and praising Harvard educated Soviet spies. McCarthy made it a disgrace to be a Communist. Domestic Communism could never recover.” — Ann Coulter

If he were a terrorist, don’t you think he would have cooked up some plan a long time ago?  Bashing between liberal and conservative is a side note to what is really going on here.  You know what, it don’t even belong in the same ballpark.  What this is about is America resorting to violence over fear.  Fear that is spread by the likes of moonbat crazy Michelle Malkin and her ilk.

Its been reported on several times and supposedly Fox Nation will be changing how it moderates comments, here are some for example:

In response to a Muslim university:

-“hopefully another Virginia Tech.”
-“Encourage them to have continuous suicide practice!!!”

Illegal immigration:

 “(Sheriff Joe Arpaio is) soft on these people overall… They get free medical care in the jails. Regardless how much it costs to FEED them, it’s too much. A rope and a tree is really all that’s needed here in Arizona.”

Fox Nation reported on the amusement park that pulled a game that had too close a resemblance of President Obama.  Islamophobe and practicing fearmongerer Sean Hannity openly questioned on his show “why America is percieved as anti-Muslim?”  I wonder why, Sean. 

Doubtless Fixed News will not report on the numerous gangs in America who are not Muslim.  They won’t report on the KKK/Nazi militias who want to murder those of other color in the name of “racial cleansing”, and they do all of this as a “service to God.”  They also won’t report on the white supremecist who was convicted for wanting to murder more that 100 African-Americans and to assassinate, then Senator, Barack Obama.

All of this falls right through their fearmonger filter.