A Foreign Policy Rant Part 2

When asked in 2008 if going into Iraq was a “mistake” and “worth it” all GOP contenders said it was not, save but one – Ron Paul. As time passes more and more light is being shed on the build-up to the Iraqi Freedom conflict. This light exposes the fact that the American people were sold a fictitious war.

Saddam Hussein had no WMDs, and any source saying to the contray is grossly exageratted. G.W.Bush’s campaign platform in 2000 of a humble foreign policy was nothing more than a malicious lie.

At the time of 2003, Iraq was bankrupt. They owed billions to foreign banks and countries, one of them the United States via the Federal Reserve. This is a little known fact, but in 2004 the United States was able to gather together these loaning nations to forgive Iraqi debt. There’s just one catch: Iraq must forfeit its right to a sovereign economy to outside influences. Thusly, was born Iraq’s central bank.

So one has to wonder, was the numerous lies about Iraq sold to the world so U.S. and other nations could collect on the debt? If you do enough research on the Fed and follow the money, you may very well arrive at the same conclusion.

Another point I’d like to make is this: after 9/11 the Bush Administration went rampent with the term “terrorism”. Resistance in the Middle East are terrorists. Did anyone really think that this would be a cake walk? There was no al-Qaeda in Iraq before invasion, but our involvement gave them the incentive to fight. North Korea and Venezuela are “terrorist” nations.

You ask Sean Hannity who was to blame for September 11, 2001 and he will say Bill Clinton. Despite the proven incompetance of government, he still clings to the belief that ousting Hussein was the right and moral thing to do.

With such a vague term and a worthless Homeland Security terrorist threat system, Bush administration officials were able to numb the mind and confound our understanding.

Iraq and Afghanistan are quagmires and have no real objective. Staying in country based on the fearmongering method of what government will take shape is the worst policy ever created.

I laugh when I read Ann Coulter’s famous “we should kill their leaders and convert them to christianity” quote because it is so erroneous, I have to grasp at air to try to find the logic.

There many great things about America but never should they be forced upon the world by weapons of war. Its impossible to think that through occupation liberty can be born and cherished. Only through a complete withdraw can liberty have the chance to grow.

I hope that with the recent Wikileaks documents debate for the first time since Vietnam is utilized, and politicians in Congress come to an epiphany that the continued Bush doctrine has hurt more than helped.


3 thoughts on “A Foreign Policy Rant Part 2

  1. Nate

    I should remind you that in the immediate post-Vietnam years (say, 1975-1978), public opinion on the war was all over the map. But now, 35 years on, I think I can say with confidence that most people would just shrug their shoulders when you ask them about the political and military morass that was Vietnam. Point is, in 2045, baring something unforseen and calamatous, the American public will be equally as “meh” about Iraq/AStan. We will be too busy dealing with Bristol Palin’s 2046 run for the presidency…

    1. Vietnam is still fresh in the American publics mind. For people our age it is just a point in history to be studied and disputed. The American public lost faith in the governments ability to decide what wars for us to be involved in. Hence, the reason why military enrollment took a major hit.

      We cannot speculate what history will say about Astan/ Iraq in the year 2045 we need to look at it now and what needs to done.

    2. Hello, Nate. I don’t know if you’re getting this via email, but if you’d still like to talk, let me know. I’m trying to find a way to revamp this blog. I think I could use your help.

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