Fox News Axes Freedom Watch…Go Figure!

The way you can tell freedom is in trouble is when it’s voice is silenced.  Here’s a link to the article.


Benchwarmer War-Fighter Sean Hannity says that we ‘should invade Kuwait and take all their oil’

Remember when Keith Olbermann offered Hannity $10, 000 for every second he lasts while being waterboarding?  Well, he hasn’t changed much.  In the movie We Were Soldiers, Sam Elliot (army soldier)  hands  Barry Pepper (journalist) an M-16 and tells him to go fight.  Barry Pepper responds that he is not a soldier, and Sam Elliot says, “today you are.” 

In the following clip you will see Sean Hannity asking why hasn’t Iraq paid for their own reconstruction, and paid the American people for the lives of soldiers lost?  Like money can bring back a lost loved one?  A son can have his father back?  You have the ability, Hannity, to say idiotic words like this because you sit behind a desk!  You run and whine when snow balls are thrown at you.

Only Sean Hannity who makes millions of dollars a year can sit behind a desk and tell the American people what to think.  Here’s a question:  If Sean Hannity is so much for war, why doesn’t he go fight it?  Or maybe you should do as Jack Nicholson once said to ‘go stand a post’ because ‘I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to!’

Or maybe Hannity is a chicken shit!  I have more respect for a man who goes and fights in a war that I don’t agree with.  But, Hannity, there is no respect for you.  You’re just hot air.

Sarah Palin is Sacred to Fox News

Now I am for a smaller, less invasive government, and I don’t want the government to decide everything for me, but I am not going to go on a rant about using ‘our second amendment remedies’.  I am for the Second Amendment just as much as I am for the rest of the Bill of Rights – to understand the Constitution and the meaning of freedom and liberty, we must accept the freedoms and liberties of all Americans; no matter how derogatory their conduct is, or the hideousness of their crimes.

With that being said, while I cherish these rights and appreciate their value; I am not about to make the cause to keep these rights that much more difficult by trading my life for the life of a member of Congress.  Congresswoman Giffords is a wife, a daughter, and a mother.  The nine-year old little girl who died will be loved and missed by parents and grandparents alike.  Loughner should consider this while he is sitting in prison – preferably death row.

Lone gunmen who consider/attempt to assassinate members of Congress based on your theory that somehow you are scoring another victory for liberty, you just made the fight for the rest of the law-abiding citizens who have guns that much more difficult to keep them.

Take a look around in your world of illusion, no one is with you.

Watch as Fox News cuts away from a vigil for the victims as Sarah Palin’s name is mentioned.

Tucker Carlson, You’re Batshit Crazy!

Boy, when Fox News has nothing to talk about they really have nothing to talk about, do they?  During the ‘Great American Panel’ session (12-28-10) Tucker Carlson said that Michael Vick should have been ‘executed’.  Really?  Executed?

To start off his nonsensical rant, Carlson said, “I’m a Christian.”  Why in the hell (does using the ‘H’ word make me not christian?) do Fox News pundits have to wave the Christian flag?  Are they lacking in security?  Do they feel that God is going to smite them where they stand?

Seriously, they’re just dogs.  I read a study not long ago that cats and dogs combined outnumber humans in the United States.  I’ve known men who go racoon hunting with Beagles, and if that dog don’t hunt or is gun shy, they kill him.

At the 3:23 mark Eric Bolling brings up the Michael Vick/Barack Obama fiasco and gets his nose rubbed in dogshit (pardon the pun).

Bill O’Reilly “Jokes” About Beheading Dana Millbank

This one = annoying

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly seem to mistake “opinion” for “journalism”.  O’Reilly was on a tear of Dana Millbank because of “lies” he put in one of his columns.  In one part of the video he says, “I think we should beat him up.”  Megyn did not grab hold of the line.

While O’Reilly likes to say that you cannot “give an opinion based on a lie”; it’s not like O’Reilly ever lies, is it?  Towards the end he asks Kelly if Sharia Law allowed them to behead Dana Millbank.  But, after all, like Bill, it was just a joke.

Whether or not Millbank put in some factual errors in his column, that is beside the point.  The very fact is, is that O’Reilly is arrogant, and repugnant.  He is an opinion-piece, not a journalist.

O’Reilly gives an opinion – Shut Up!  But, again, that’s an opinion.

Setting aside the Obama/Bill Ayers link; watch as Megyn Kelly mistakes journalism grasping for ratings for passion on the camera.

Sean Hannity Attacks the President Over Faith…Again

Michelle Malkin Ate My Baby!
Image by Random Factor via Flickr

If you’re a Democrat, no matter who you are, you’ll fall under Sean Hannities crosshairs.  But if you’re a Republican you’ll fall into Hannities umbrella of protection.  If it weren’t for Obama or someone else, Hannity wouldn’t have anything to bitch about.

But a one-sided debate wouldn’t be complete without internment camp loving Michelle Malkin.  Standing on center stage of Obama’s latest testament to the fact that he is Christian was that “he threw his family under the bus.”

When in reality this was a perfect opportunity for Hannity to bring in the name of Jeremiah Wright.  And at one point Hannity says, “I don’t buy it.”  Of course he doesn’t.  President Obama could say that the sky is blue and Hannity would say, “I don’t buy it.”

I like how Kirsten Powers once told Hannity: “Why…can’t you let go of it?  It’s so long ago!”  Indeed, let it go, Sean.

Don’t fall into the trap, Fox News is full of crap.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the issue, but it is hilarious all the same.  It’s Chris Matthews and Malkin debating the John Kerry self-inflicted wounds theory in 2004.