Black people are ridiculous — Race card out of control

“The Reverend Al Sharpton attacked President Bush, saying he ruined the economy. For instance, Sharpton hasn’t been able to find a job in over 46 years.” —Craig Kilborn

 This is a story of a person close to me, I am going to call her Heather.  Anyway, Heather went to go pick up her little girl one day from  school.  Upon exiting the car a black woman came up to her screaming.  I imagine Heather’s first reaction was, What the hell is her problem? 

Apparently Heather had stolen this woman’s parking spot, and the reason: Heather is a racist.  At least that is what the black woman is saying.  Racist because she stole her parking spot?!  C’mon get a life!  Do some black people have that little to bitch about that they have to accuse someone of being a racist because they didn’t get the parking spot that they wanted? 

Now if you’re black and you like to play the race card because the white people are evil, take a step back, a little more, one more step, there you’re good.  White people fought for your freedom.  White people fought for your civil rights.  Granted it was a long time coming, but it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of whitey.  So discard that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Malcolm X chip on your shoulder and realize this: if you like to use the race card, you are the racist ones, not us.

Heather writes: Some people are unreal! I pulling into the parking lot to pick Bri up and another car follows me in I pull into a parking spot get out of my car and a lady is screaming at me telling me that I am racist because I took the parking spot and didnt give it to her. Then she tells me slavery has been gone for a long time and white people need to learn that everything’s not ours.


3 thoughts on “Black people are ridiculous — Race card out of control

  1. Bettie

    A lot of black folks are professional “victims”. Please don’t think that most of them sincerely feel that they are oppressed. It’s a con game and they KNOW it. But it’s a way to manipulate and intimidate others and always have an excuse for your own bad behavior. If someone accuses me of racism, talks about slavery, etc…I never get defensive. I just say something like, “oh, yeah, the good old days…” Or “that reminds me…I need to pick up some white sheets at the cleaners. I have a special meeting this weekend, you know how it is…” If they’re ridiculous, you be even more ridiculous. Let them know that their race cards have been cancelled!

  2. xmike

    The black community will not be able to improve until they begin to accept some accountability. More harm is done to black people by other black people than any other race. Any culture that glamorizes criminal exploits and uses racism as one size fits all scapegoat will never be able to create a positive image and undo negative stereotypes.

  3. Ginny

    I’m a 50-year old black woman and I couldn’t agree with the author and the comments more. Its sickening to hear blacks constantly whine and complain about for nothing about everything. I’m unable to be around the blacks I hung with years ago. That includes my family. Even they do s**t which f**ks up their own lives and they wanna blame the white race, racism, and the gov’t. Blacks are their own worst enemy and refuse to take responsibility for their actions and behavior. I grew up around the dumbest blacks. So now that I’m older, I refuse to be around them.

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