Ron Paul vs. Michael Moore

On Larry King Live, Ron Paul stands up for free markets, free medicine, and stands against Big Corporations.


President Obama accused of breaking promise

By Christopher Weber

President Obama came into office vowing to change the status quo in Washington, but when it comes to rewarding fundraisers, he’s behaving no differently than past presidents.

Top donors to the Democratic Party have been given “VIP access to the White House, private briefings with administration advisers and invitations to important speeches and town-hall meetings,” according to a Washington Times investigation.

The White House has hosted several receptions for donors; contributors with the fattest wallets were given access to senior officials. One fundraiser visited the Oval Office on his birthday, and others were allowed to use the White House bowling alley and movie theater.

The biggest donors apparently get face time with the president. Robert Wolf, chief executive of the UBS Group for the Americas and a top fundraiser from New York, was invited to play golf with Obama over the summer. Wolf was later appointed to Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board.

Fundraiser Alan Solomont was nominated to be ambassador to Spain.

Presidential aides admitted the Democratic National Committee has footed the bill for certain events at the White House, but denied that there was a “systematic effort” to raise funds for the party at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

In a statement to Politics Daily, the DNC made no differentiation between big money donors and other party allies.

“The DNC routinely identifies appropriate opportunities for party supporters to meet their leaders in the Administration and the Democratic Congressional majority,” Communications Director Brad Woodhouse wrote in an e-mail. “This is true for donors, grassroots activists and others who are engaged and active on behalf of our party in different ways and who welcome the chance to meet their leadership.”

The Republican National Committee called on the White House to immediately release the names of donors given perks and called for an probe into any quid pro quo. Administration spokesman Robert Gibbs said the president has instituted tough ethics rules and that ”every name of every person that comes to this White House” will be made public.

UPDATE: The White House responded to an inquiry from Politics Daily about the donations:

“President Obama has opened the doors of the White House to hundreds of thousands of Americans since the administration began, and for the first time in history, records detailing who visited the White House will be made public on a regular basis,” Ben LaBolt from the press secretary’s office wrote in an e-mail. “Many of the people mentioned in this story have been friends and associates of the Obamas for decades … Given that nearly 4 million Americans donated to the campaign, it’s no surprise that some who contributed have visited the White House as have grassroots organizers who didn’t contribute financial support and people who actively opposed the President’s candidacy.”

New Zealand Mayor: Pay problem parents not to breed

By staff writers and AAP 

AN outspoken Kiwi politician has proposed a new solution to the country’s child abuse problem – pay the “appalling underclass” not to breed.

Michael Laws – who stirred up controversy by calling the late Tongan King a “bloated brown slug” – has again hit the headlines.

“That there is a group within our society who give their children no hope nor opportunity from the moment that they are born,” the regional mayor wrote on the New Zealand radio website where he broadcasts as a talkback DJ.

“That these ‘parents’ are known to authorities … and yet the authorities can only intervene after children have been harmed.”

Mr Laws goes on to write: “it would be far better for this appalling underclass to be offered financial inducements not to have children, given the toxic environment that they would provide for any child in their care.”

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Swine Flu reaches the Ukraine

Ocotber 20, 2009

Radio Netherlands Worldwide reports:

A viral infection has killed 30 people in Ukraine.

The illness begins as an ordinary bout of flu, but after a week the symptoms get worse.

Almost 40,000 Ukrainians have contracted the disease. Around 100 are in hospital.

In the west of the country there has been a run on virus inhibitors and surgical masks. Schools and childcare centres in the city of Lvov are closed.

Test are being carried out to establish what kind of virus is causing the sickness. The H1N1 virus which causes Mexican flu has been ruled out.

Russia Today puts the number closer to 40 and says it is H1N1:

Health Care Bill 1,990 Pages Long

Tom Clancy, with his well-explained and sometimes over-simplified novels, could never have dreamed of writing a novel this long.  I wouldn’t want to read a novel this long, let alone a bill.  But somehow for some members of Congress, it’s not enough.

It’s no wonder that some members of Congress don’t have the time to read the bill, and wind up casting a vote due to a lack of knowledge.  It was John Conyers (D-Mich) who told Michael Moore that lawmakers “don’t read most of the bills.” 

I think that Rep. Lee Terry (R-Neb) said it best when he said, “It’s one thing to read, it’s another thing to understand it when it is written in legalese.”  Republican aides said that a print-out of the bill weighs nineteen pounds and stands nine inches tall.

I don’t know, this just boggles my mind for a bill this big and get pushed through Congress and most of the members not read it is just ridiculous.  We should demand better from the government of which we hired.  What say you?

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Sixth Suspect Charged on Gang Rape

(Oct. 30) — Police arrested another teen Thursday, the sixth suspect jailed in connection with the gang rape of a 15-year-old girl on a northern California high school campus.
Jose Carlos Montano, 18, was arrested on charges of felony rape, rape in concert with force, and penetration with a foreign object, said Richmond Police Lt. Mark Gagan.
Montano was arrested Thursday evening in San Pablo, Calif., a small town about two miles from the city of Richmond, where the crime took place.
Montano, who was held in lieu of $1.3 million bail, is accused of taking part in what police said was a 2½-hour assault on the Richmond High School campus.
Police said as many as 10 people were involved in the rape in a dimly lit back alley at the school, while another 10 people watched without calling 911.
The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition, but was released Wednesday.
Four other teenage suspects were arraigned Thursday on charges connected to the rape.
Cody Ray Smith, described by the court as older than 14, pleaded not guilty to charges of rape with a foreign object and rape by force.
Two other juveniles, Ari Abdallah Morales and Marcelles James Peter, appeared with Smith at the Contra Costa County Superior Court, but did not enter a plea. The court described Morales as younger than 16, and did not give an age for Peter.
All three juveniles, who wore bulletproof vests at the hearing, were charged as adults.
A fourth person, Manuel Ortega, 19, appeared separately without an attorney and did not enter a plea. He did not wear a protective vest.
Another person, Salvador Rodriguez, 21, was arrested Tuesday night, but he was not in court Thursday.

Ron Paul for President in 2012?

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, October 29, 2009

Speculation Mounts Over Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Bid 291009top

CNN and the L.A. Times are speculating that Congressman Ron Paul may be about to announce that he will run for President in 2012 following the revelation that the Texan will speak at rallies in two key early caucus states next month.

Paul will visit the key early primary state of South Carolina on Nov. 9 to give a speech on “the future of individual liberty and the importance of the U.S. Constitution” at the University of South Carolina. He then moves on to Iowa, another key early presidential battleground, on Nov. 13 to speak to students at Iowa State University.

“This morning speculation was rife that South Carolina, which holds one of the early primaries in the presidential calendar, could be the launching pad for a new Ron Paul bid,” reports the L.A. Times’ Johanna Neuman.

CNN are also speculating on the announcement, asking “Will Ron Paul give it another go in 2012?,” adding that Paul beat one time frontrunner Rudy Giuliani in last year’s South Carolina primary.

Alex Jones commented on the story by pointing out that 2012 would be the perfect time to Ron Paul to launch his second bid for the presidency, following the massive grass roots success of the first campaign. Jones successfully predicted that the Congressman’s son, Rand Paul, would run for the Senate after he challenged him to do so publicly, which led the incumbent Senator in Kentucky to announce that he would not run against Rand Paul.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Jones said that Paul is the only candidate who will inject real issues into an otherwise sterile debate format and that with the world government takeover unfolding at rapid pace, the timing could not be more prescient. Jones urged Paul to announce as early as possible, preferably before February 2010, so that the maximum amount of momentum could be put behind the campaign and fundraising could start early. Jones recalled that the Congressman was surprised at the level of support that was generated behind his 2007-2008 campaign, but that this had been predicted by the Austin talk show host from the beginning.

Paul would be able to harness a perfect soapbox opportunity to highlight the fact that the very things he has been warning about for decades are all coming into fruition as we approach 2012. From the falling dollar to taxes on carbon emissions, the Congressman’s predictions are all coming to pass, giving him more credibility in the public eye.

Jones said that even if Paul was not ultimately successful, the liberty movement would win either way because real issues would be forced into the national spotlight. Jones said that a 2012 run was Ron Paul’s “destiny” and that his life had been building to this point all along.

Without revealing his sources, Jones stated that he was “completely confident” Ron Paul would announce his decision to run and that it would be made well in advance of the 2011 time frame when campaigning would begin.

The Texas Congressman has been instrumental in leading a grass roots revolt against the real culprits behind the economic collapse, the Federal Reserve, introducing a bill to audit the private organization which has received widespread support from both Republicans and Democrats but has been blocked at every turn by elitists in Washington.

If you thought the impact of the Ron Paul Revolution in 2007 and 2008 was damaging to the new world order agenda, then imagine what kind of momentum could be built up over the next few years as we head towards 2012, which globalists have marked down as a key juncture by which they want their global feudalist system firmly in place.

It almost seems like fate that the Congressman should lead the mass resistance to the globalist agenda at this crucial time in history, and we implore him to take on that hefty responsibility while guaranteeing that the grass roots will rally behind him with a ferocity never before seen in recent political times.