Ron Paul: Timothy Giethner is “Insane”

Barack Obama and Timothy Geithner
Image by Downing Street via Flickr

Remember when Barack Obama was running for office and even when he first took the Oath of Office, how he “promised” more “tranparency” on the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, and the bailouts?  Well, in truth, there never has been “transparency” just more corruption and corporatism.

Timothy Giethner was the Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve and was instrumental in orchestrating the bailouts.  In fact, before Congress even had the ability to “authorize” the bailouts, Geithner approved a bailout of Bears Stearn.

Look at Geithner.  Doesn’t he look like the troll under the bridge.  But I guesss, all-in-all, he who owns the gold rules the world.


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