Political War of Words

Brain-dead twitt Sarah Palin says Todd Akin has to go.  Bless her heart!  (Not really!)


Rick Santorum, Sarah Palin, and Bullshit!

Ron Paul possibly has raised more money than any other GOP candidate.  His supporters are among the most enthusiastic.  And yet, he still cannot win a primary.  Newt Gingrich’s campaign is floundering like a fish out of water, and by the way, for a fifty dollar fee you can get a picture taken with the man.  It remains to be seen as to what side Mitt Romney really is on.

And then there was Rick Santorum!  And Sarah Palin!

By now you have heard of Santorum’s “bullshit” comment and how New York Times journalist Jeff Zeleny asked Santorum if Romney “was the worst Republican in the country to run against Obama.”  By now you’ve heard of little Ricky’s tirade and how Zeleny was “distorting” Ricky’s words.  “That’s bullshit!”  And you can quote him on that.

However, in Racine, Wisconsin Santorum had this to say:  “Why would we put someone up who is uniquely – pick any other Republican in the country. He is the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama. Why would Wisconsin want to vote for someone like that?”

Sounds pretty close to me.

There’s a couple of reasons why Santorum would characterize Zeleny’s question as “bullshit”.  1. Bad press is better than no press.  2. Fearing a loss to the GOP frontrunner, after his inflammatory comments, maybe Santorum felt he had to get on Romney’s good side.  You know, the best chance for the V.P. nomination.

Enter Sarah Palin with the obligatory ‘don’t cha know’ persona.

The former half-term governor of Alaska took to Fox News (where else) to voice her opinion.  Which brings me to another point: Do you know why Sarah Palin never goes to any other network other than Fixed News?  She would have to answer some real questions.

“It was good and it was strong and it was about time because he’s saying enough is enough of the liberal media twisting conservative’s words (Zeleny’s words were not ‘twisting’.  If Ms. Palin could read Santorum’s words verbatim – oh, that’s right, she doesn’t know what that word means),” Palin said on Fox News late Monday night. “I was like welcome to my world Rick. And good on ya, (‘don’t cha know’ moment) don’t retreat (this is as overplayed as Git-R-Done).”

Meanwhile, Santorum said that a conservative that doesn’t take on a journalist from the New York Times isn’t “worth your salt” – as far as he’s concerned.

No, Ricky, a conservative that wants to tackle the real issues – by this I mean the Party of No for the sake of saying “No” when it comes to party lines – and sticking to real conservatism (unlike George W. Bush) makes you a conservative.

Taking on a liberal journalist from the New York Times doesn’t make you a conservative, it makes you – well, I don’t know what it makes you, but not conservative.

“I was glad that he called out this reporter,” Palin said. “He and the other candidates, all of them, they need to do more of this because believe me the American people are tired of what the leftist media continues to do to conservatives.”

Wrong again, Sarah.  The American people don’t know what their tired of.  You want to label something as bullshit?  How about a foreign policy that props up despots all in the name of “freedom”?  How about turning a once secular nation into a civil war zone?  How about excluding evidence that the United States gave Iraq it’s biological weapons and nuclear technology?  How about the sacrifice of American’s right all in the name of a bogus ‘war on terrorism’?

Santorum couldn’t aim for the toilet bowl unless the Republican establishment was holding it for him.

So what do we do now?

Well, I guess that it’s official – Sarah Palin is not running for the Office of the President of the United States.  For reasons that she doesn’t want to be “tied down”, and she needs to “say what she wants to say”.  Well, shucks!  That almost depresses me.  Alright, I’ll be honest – not really.

You see, Sarah Palin is the prototype politician that I absolutely cannot stand.  What else can you be where you serve your state for half a term, run for the Vice Presidency, and write novels; get a guest advertisement spot (that’s all she is, is advertisement), have your own reality television show, and hold an annoyed nation in the palm of your hand – “is she running or not?!” – what else can you be other than a celebrity?

Maybe Sarah realized that Americans got tired of her “don’t cha know” moments?  Or quite possibly Americans just came to the conclusion that she has an IQ comparable to that of Forrest Gump.

Any which way it goes, I’m glad she’s not running.

If I could ask any politician one question…

Politicians Political figures like Sarah Palin like to have a scripted dialogue with constituents.  Even worse, many of the questions don’t touch on issues that Americans should be concerned about.

For instance, while many Americans strive for work, keeping a roof over the heads of family members, food in their bellies, and we ourselves struggle with a budget; members of Congress are locked in a superfluous debate of raising the debt ceiling.

Granted, I believe that the United States has lived beyond its means for too many years, but politicians from both sides of the aisle are at fault, contrary to the House Speakers words of blaming President Obama.  During his speech to the nation, President Obama said that Ronald Reagan signed eighteen debt ceiling hikes and George W. Bush signed seven.  Where was the Republican or Tea Party opposition then?

The obvious fact is that we’ve kicked the tiger in ass and now we have to face his teeth.

Which brings me to this point: Since Americans are starving, looking for work, and living in “tent cities”, why are members of Congress so handsomely compensated for their services?  Seriously, it’s not like they’ve done a superb job.

Most members of Congress make $174,000.  Speaker of the House John Boehner makes $223,500.

So my question would be: Are you really worth that much?

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Tea Party Caucus leader Bachmann votes for the Patriot Act

So I guess that the Tea Party Movement didn’t bring change after all.

Kurt Nimmo
February 15, 2011

Now that establishment Republicans have managed to steer the Tea Party into the political Borg Hive and run off the real patriots, it is time to get the neocon total war agenda back on track.

Rep. Michele Bachmann: Just another tool for the neocon mass murder agenda.

Minnesota’s Michele Bachmann, like Alaska’s Sarah Palin, likes to pretend she is at the center of the Tea Party movement. She talks loud and long about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Last week Bachmann voted for an extension of the Constitution-busting PATRIOT Act.

“Today I voted for a temporary extension of three legal authorities in the Patriot Act,” Bachmann wrote on her Facebook on February 8. “This vote was not for a full reauthorization of the Patriot Act. As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, I look forward to briefings and reports from our intelligence community that will help us develop longer term solutions as we protect our nation against international terrorism.”

“Today’s vote was for a ten-month extension of three provisions that would have expired later this month,” she posted on her House page. “These provisions maintain the flexibility that our intelligence community needs to monitor terror suspects and protect our country against international terrorism. As a mother of five and a foster mother to 23 children, I voted for these authorities so that our laws keep pace with the evolving threats posed by terrorists.”

Michelle Bachmann is un-principled, and unfit to be talking of the Constitution when she votes for something as draconian as the Patriot Act.  “As a mother of five and foster mother to 23?”  I guess that I missed the part where that has any bearing as to whether or not you’re going to vote for a Constitution buster.  It apparently escapes the mind of those like Bachmann, that Americans have a greater chance of being killed in a car or plane crash, or being struck by lightning.

The Patriot Act has very little – in fact, it has nothing to do with patriotism.  What it has to do with is the abuse of government power.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  “When it looks like it, acts like, and smells like it, you call it what it is – fascism.”

As a member of the House Intelligence Committee, it is fair to assume Ms. Bachmann is a tool for the CIA and the Pentagon and buys into their phony war on manufactured terror.

But then she always was a dupe for the neocons. Michelle Bachmann was so enamored with the war criminal George W. Bush, she felt compelled to hug and kiss him after his State of the Dis-functional Union teleprompter speech a few years ago.

The Bachmann-Palin neocons in Tea Party camouflage are going to take us down the same road as Bush – the same road followed unswervingly by Obama.

The globalist puppet masters need world war in order to sell their snake oil of globalist government and a return of serfdom to the masses.

Bachmann is on the Order Out o Chaos gang’s team.

The question is… does she even realize it?

The Comb-Over says that Ron Paul “cannot get elected”

If Ron Paul has “zero chance of beating Obama in 2012”, then Donald Trump has even less.  No one wants a ‘Comb-Over in Chief’ to lead their nation.  In 2008 Ron Paul brought real debate to the real issues, and while the other candidates were busy slinging mud, and debating on the technicalities of their foreign policy ideals, Ron Paul wanted to debate the ideas of interventionism vs. noninterventionism.

It comes as no surprise to me that the billionaires and the politicians and pundits tucked deep in the hip pockets of Fox News take as many jabs at Ron Paul as possible – they’re afraid of him. 

In reality, the Texas Congressman has a better chance than Republican darling Sarah Palin

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Friday, February 11, 2011

Prospective presidential candidate Donald Trump caused a sensation at the start of yesterday’s CPAC event when he dismissed Ron Paul’s chances of beating Obama in 2012, saying the Texas Congressman had “zero chance” of winning the election.

“By the way, Ron Paul cannot get elected, I’m sorry to tell you,” Trump told the CPAC crowd, to a chorus of both boos and applause.

“I like Ron Paul, I think he’s a good guy, but honestly I think he has zero chance of getting elected, you have to win an election,” the billionaire socialite added.

In actual fact, the Texas Congressman has a greater chance of beating Obama in 2012 than someone who the Republican establishment is likely to throw their weight behind next year – Sarah Palin.

A Rasmussen poll released Monday showed that Paul leads Palin in being able to build a campaign that would prevent Obama from securing a second term. The poll shows that in these early stages, Ron Paul would poll 35% of votes to Obama’s 44%, where as Sarah Palin would attract 38% to an Obama count of 49%.

The figures mean that at this time the Texas Congressman would score 2% more of the overall vote than the former governor of Alaska.

Those numbers are also based on the fact that Obama is still riding high on a recent 15 point bounce in the aftermath of the Tucson shootings, a lead that is sure to subside as the election nears. Once Paul is able to mobilize his hugely effective grass roots base, which outstrips anything the likes of Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Mike Huckabee can call upon, a 9 point deficit is far from insurmountable.

Indeed, before the Tucson shootings when Obama was at one of the lowest ebbs of his popular approval, a YouGov/Polimetrix study found that establishment Republican candidates like Palin, Gingrich and Romney were all losing popularity at a similar pace to the president. Only Ron Paul has bucked this trend.

In addition, an April 2010 Rasmussen survey found that a hypothetical 2012 election race between president Obama and Texas Congressman Ron Paul would result in an almost dead heat, with Obama just one per cent ahead.

Democrats who voted for Obama in 2008 will only be motivated to do so again if Republicans put forward a compromised candidate who can easily be characterized as George W. Bush 2.0. If Ron Paul runs against Obama, huge numbers of Democrats will take a back seat, and some may even switch allegiances, such is the profound sense of betrayal many liberals now feel towards Obama’s completely unfulfilled promises of hope and change.

Donald Trump is completely wrong in his assertion that Paul has “zero chance” of beating Obama. Indeed, once the establishment media gets its teeth into the likes of Palin, Romney, Gingrich and indeed Trump himself, their compromised backgrounds will almost guarantee Obama the victory, whereas Paul’s squeaky clean track record cannot be as easily distorted.

By the time the campaign season is in full swing, and the mud begins to stick to the names of establishment Republican candidates, Ron Paul may be the only contender who can beat Obama in 2012.

Something Stranger Than Fiction

When you think of something that is Stranger Than Fiction, you usually think of a man swallowing a sword, or another man locking himself in a glass box with about a hundred poisinous scorpions.  But Sarah Palin filing to have her and her daughter’s (Bristol Palin) name trademarked?  That’s what I call stranger than fiction.

After he 2008 Vice Presidential bid for the White House, Sarah Palin was turned into something like a fictionalized character; she became a modern-day folklore hero; someone for the rest of America to pin their hopes and dreams on.  But maybe that bodice that we see has a body of gold and feet of clay?

Ed Rollins, a senior political contributor of CNN, and former White House political director for former President Reagan, in his op-ed Palin, I knew Reagan.  You’re no Reagan, has harsh, if not, well deserved criticism for the self obsorbed pariah.

“And speaking of Obama and the election two years from now, Sarah Palin now says she thinks she can beat him.


Maybe she can, but 2012 is a long way off, and there is a nominating process that is intense — and it takes more than selling a few hundred books in Iowa to win it. Several other serious political players think they can beat her and will wage full-scale political war against her if she tries.

On November 4, I wrote a column under the headline: “Don’t underestimate Palin for 2012 run” (I write the columns, not the headlines). It was not a pro- or anti-Palin article but an analysis of the potential candidates for the Republican nomination in 2012.

If I were to title this one, it would be “Sarah, don’t overestimate your chances!”

And quit comparing yourself to Ronald Reagan. To paraphrase the late Sen. Lloyd Bentsen’s comments to Dan Quayle in the 1988 vice presidential debate: I knew Ronald Reagan, and you’re no Ronald Reagan.

You’re a media star and a great curiosity. You were plucked out of political obscurity because of the whim of presidential contender John McCain, who didn’t know you and made you into an overnight sensation. You performed well for three weeks in the campaign, did better than expected against Joe Biden in the debate and then you self-destructed.”

You clearly weren’t ready for prime time, but neither was your running mate. After the election, you quit your day job as governor of Alaska with 18 months left in the term and went out and made a fortune making speeches and selling a book.

It was certainly your right, and you’re not the first one to cash in on fame. Millions of Americans love you, and I am sure millions more hate you. Unfortunately, that’s what happens in politics.

You can be a contender for the Republican nomination in 2012, but you’re a long way from being the nominee. You’re going to have to beat some very formidable candidates with way more experience and far superior knowledge on issues foreign and domestic. And to rate your chances today, I would put them at “possible” but not “probable.” It’s an all-uphill battle.

Right now, polls indicate you wouldn’t carry your home state of Alaska.”

Ouch!  Now that’s got to hurt!  Maybe it’s time we boarded the life boats and vacated the S.S. Palin?  She’s hit an iceberg and is sinking fast.