A season on the Brink…of Disaster!

Two seasons ago, the Indianapolis Colts were competing for the best record in the NFL, the coveted perfect record.  However, they

Quarterback Peyton Manning was the MVP of Supe...
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tanked it in the end.  This season, they are competing for the worst record in the NFL, and they’ve tanked the season in the middle of it.  What can be said by last nights performance?  Horrendous?  Atrocious?  Egregious?  despicable comes to mind.

The New Orleans Saints came into play, possibly hoping despite playing a decapitated team, the Colts would do the same.  But the Colts were only there in body, not spirit.

Of course, us Colts fans are not used to seeing the Colts lose getting their asses handed to them, and every team loses, but by fifty-five points?!  And how in the hell does a quarterback throw thirty-five passes and completes thirty-one of them?  It’s plain to see the Colts gave up last night (example: the benching of Curtis Painter), and possibly for the rest of the season.

But let’s get one thing straight; it is not all Curtis Painter’s fault.  It’s the offense’s fault.  It’s the defense’s fault.  And it’s the coaching staff’s fault.

I think I agree with Tony Dungy when he commented on the Atlanta Falcons coming to Indy in a couple of weeks when he said, “and it looks like they’ll win that one, too.”



One thought on “A season on the Brink…of Disaster!

  1. Man did the Colts ever look brutal on Sunday. I thought Painter was starting to turn things around and maybe but probably not possibly earn himself a starting job on some desperate team. Sunday Night football and they came out and just got shellacked by the Saints. I would have thought they could put up some points on the Colts at least or put up some sort of a fight on defence. They look brutal. I can’t imagine Peyton Manning is too happy with the way things are now. It must be nice to know he is needed but not this badly that they might end up getting the 1st overall pick. This year, the fight for last is as interesting as it has been in a long time. The Colts, as of right now, are well on their way. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/dont-suck-for-me-or-else/

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