Russia to intercept earthbound asteroid?

When first discovered in 2004 the 885 ft asteroid had a 1-in-37 chance of hitting earth in the year 2029.  Upon further studies the asteroid (Apophis) will come no closer than 18, 300 miles.  NASA  has said that the chances of an earth impact in 2036 1-in-45,000, then recalculated and chaneged the estimations to 1-in-250,000.  Another close encounter has NASA saying that Apophis has a 1-in-330,000 chance of hitting earth.

“It wasn’t anything to worry about before. Now it’s even less so,” said Steve Chesley, an astronomer with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

A scientist, Anatoly Perminov, with the Russian space agency ignored data from NASA and had this to say:

“I don’t remember exactly, but it seems to me it could hit the Earth by 2032.”

With movies such as Deep Impact and Armogeddon talk of a near earth object gets the average persons imagination running wild.  In fact, scientists have researched different scenarios of protecting earth: stearing a space object course by orbiting an unmanned craft around the object, using a nuclear device to destroy the object, etc.

“Calculations show that it’s possible to create a special purpose spacecraft within the time we have, which would help avoid the collision,” Perminov said. “The threat of collision can be averted.”

While the earth rotates around the sun we cross the path of many potential end-of-species objects.  And while having contingency plans for a near earth impact are good and useful, doesn’t it appear that Apophis’ chances of hitting earth are getting smaller?


Blowback in Yemen

‘Blowback’ is a term used by the CIA to describe the unintended consquences of our foreign policy.  A policy that generates more hatred than love.  The attack on a U.S. airliner bound for Detroit has been claimed by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in response to U.S. operations.

But the fact is, is that these people didn’t start hating us overnight.  A strong military presence imposing laws and governments on the peoples of those nations generates hatred.  Don’t get me wrong, I would like to see these people punished just as much as the next person, but as long as the United States is going to have an interventionist policy in the Middle East, we might as well get used to this sort of thing. The United States felt this sort of backlash in Vietnam, likewise the Soviet Union in their fight against Afghanistan. 

The more we think of this in terms as in “human nature” as opposed to the “evil doers” we would be better off.  These people do not understand Constitutional government, or due process of law.  Nor do they understand the concept of justice, and doing as Ann Coulter has said in going over to countries to “kill their dictators and convert them to Christianity” does not work.  How would the United States react if China had troops over here trying to set up a puppet government?  We would be outraged.  We would try to strike them at every point possible.

Note:  The below video is compilation of Ann Coulter qoutes that shows just how large the cave is that was caused by the departure of her brain.  The quote mentioned above by her is number 2 on the countdown.

The AFC playoff picture sucks!

With the vastly uncontested and hollow victory by the New York Jets against the Colts yesterday and a loss by the Ravens, the Jets have been catapulted into the wild card spot of the playoffs.  This is a farce and it sucks and I’ll tell you why.

  1. Even though the Colts have injured players that need rest they could have sat them at the half, after the first quarter, but mid-way through the third when up by five points?  Where is the logic in this?  The Colts could’ve stomped the Jets into the ground, rested their players next week and be fine.
  2. Last season the 11-5 Patriots missed the playoffs and now it seems that this year an eight and eight record might be good enough.  But do the Jets really deserve to go to the playoffs?  If the Jets beat the Colts starting squad last night we could say differently, but it was a hollow victory.  Anyone could tell by Peyton Manning’s body language last night that he wanted to go back out onto the field.  It seems to me that the Colts laid down last night when they should’ve made the Jets work hard for their victory.
  3. Teams on the outside looking in like Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Houston have scraped and fought to get where they are – not the Jets.  Do not forget the Tennessee Titans – who were bounced from playoff contention – but started out 0-6 to get to 7-8.  These teams have fought hard – not the Jets.

Last night was a travesty against the NFL, the Indianapolis Colts fans, and all the other teams who are fighting for a playoff birth.  While I am a Colts fan and a perfect record is not important, the starters could have played until the clock got to triple zero’s, then rested next week.  I am disappointed in the Colts management for creating a lack of competition in the playoff race, and this is why I say “the AFC playoff picture sucks!”

Iranian protests do not give green light to U.S. intervention

Undoubtedly the protests on Sunday in Tehran, Iran will bring the warmongers out of the wood work calling for an invasion to not only rid Iran of nuclear weapon material, but also, to relieve the people of Iran of their terrible dictator.  It comes as no surprise to me, and military action has already been considered, that a full-out invasion would be conducted with no real goals and no end in sight.

Let us not forget that the Constitution makes no room for nation building or undeclared wars.  Not only that, its not our place to be the “policeman of the world”.  If the U.S. Government considers President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad such a threat, then maybe Marques and Reprisal found in Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 11 of the Constitution would be more fitting.

To combat terrorism the United States thinks that it is more fitting to occupy countries in an attempt to change a nation’s culture.  An attempt that ultimately slows down our anti-terror campaign, turns people against us, and in reality does not make this country anymore safer.

An old Colts strategy…

I’ve been a fan of the Colts since the days of Jim Harbaugh – Captain Comeback, whatever you want to call him, but he brought pride back to Indy since the vacancy of Jeff George left a foul odor in Indianapolis.  I still believe to this day that the hail Mary pass thrown in the conference championship game against the Steelers was a completed pass.

But the 29-15 intentional loss to the Jets has fans and probably players scratching their heads this morning.  But in reality it is an old Colts strategy – win as many games as you can, get into as good a place as you can, then rest your injured starters.  Though Peyton Manning has been described by commentators as the most greedy quarterback in the NFL, it has never been in the strategy of the Colts to go 16-0.

So what, is it so bad that the Colts didn’t go perfect this regular season?  With the results of the last two seasons playoffs, is anyone really banking 100% that the Colts will win the Super Bowl?

There’s a good reason only one team has gone undefeated in the history of the NFL, and that is because it is such a hard feat to do.  It doesn’t take someone playing the sport of football to know that it is one of the most gruelling sports in existence.

I would have liked to see the Colts go undefeated but what can another useless win get them?  A second round bye?  Consider for a moment that if the Colts went 14-2 and lost in the playoffs it would be far less embarrassing as opposed to going perfect and losing in the playoffs.

The New England (Cheaters) Patriots are a great example of that.

The disease that infects America…

Question the government’s actions on 9/11 – you’re an extremist nut who needs to shut up.  Question the government’s post-9/11 actions – you’re an extremist nut who needs to shut up.  Question the government’s foreign policy after 9/11 – once again, you’re an extremist who needs to shut up.  Question the government at all – you’re an extremist nut who needs to shut up.

Support the ideals of Ron Paul and the Constitution – priceless. 

All of the above listed have been demonized as a disease that infects America.  It seems that Sean Hannity and Anne Coulter have the right to say something, in fact they get paid millions for it. 

I support Ron Paul, I voted for him, and I support the Constitution – oh, yes, me an extremist, a nut, a threat to the security of the government.  Question everything.  We should count ourselves fortunate to have such patriots as Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Glenn Beck – servants of the free press.

Jesse Ventura – there’s another nut.  An infectious disease that must be purged from the system.  We have been demonized, compared to crackpots and dope-smoking hippies because our moral and constitutional government wouldn’t do anything wrong, would they?

Sadly, however, it is the bigger government syndrome that infects this country.  While the bankers, politicians, and defense contractors wallets get thicker, our rights and money amounts gets smaller.  Forced participation in national healthcare that will inevitably raise costs and taxes, restrict the free choice of patients, and cause cuts to Medicare is nothing short of fascism.

Opinions are like – Well, you know what they’re like

President Obama has promised change.  But what we have gotten are a continuation of the Bush policies.  An escalation of a foreign policy in Afghanistan with no end in sight, and economic plans that in the long run will hurt this country.  Obama is continuing the Bush policies of suppressing rights.

As of December 1, 2009 Gallup ran a poll showing 55% disapprove of the Obama administration’s plans for Afghanistan.  While the commanding general in Afghanistan Stanley McChrystal has advised 40,000 troop increases, President Obama plans to send a little less.  Obama’s approval among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents have taken a dive.

Once again, Obama said Change we can believe in and Yes we can.  But what he really meant was change that they the politicians can believe in, and yes they can do what they want.  The discontent of the American people with Obama will make it difficult for him to win 2012.  However, despite their disagreements the Dem’s will pull together to keep the White House.

While Americans disprove of Congress in various ways, as of December 17, 2009 Congress had a flat 25% approval rating.  Obviously the effects of the banker bailout, foreign policy, and overall distrust of the Congress is lingering.  The victory of the Democrats in 2008 maybe short-lived according to Gallup.  As of December 14, 2009 Dem’s regained a 48% to 45% lead over the Republicans, up from a 44% to 48% deficit a month ago.

As early as November 30, 2009, when asked how they would recommend their member of Congress to vote on health care 49% of Americans said against.  It is clear that the career politician is ignoring the obvious voice of the people.  But with no term limits, corporate and lobbies sponsorship, and limitations on third party participation, the chances of us seeing different faces in Congress is slim to none.

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