All I want for Christmas is…Nothing.

Growing up as a child I was very poor even though I couldn’t really tell it.  I was content with basketball, family, and other things of that nature.  My parents had to buy the cheapest glasses and shoes for myself and my sisters.  Looking back now that was the only way we could survive.

Then winter came right along with Christmas.  Our house was so crappy it should have been condemned.  I remember having to shut down part it to cut down on costs, and the place was so drafty.  Anyway, even though we were poor my parents made sure that my sisters and I had a good Christmas. 

The years went by and the toys turned into clothes, the clothes got less and less until the main basis of Christmas was celebration and family.  From memories of Christmas’ with my parents and grandparents these memories are my gift, my treasure.

On May 18, 2003 my world stopped as my dad passed away.  From then on I knew that Christmas would not be the same.  This year against my wishes my wife bought me something, I wish she hadn’t.  All I need is the Lord Jesus Christ and my family.

What if people quit trying to outdo each other for Christmas?  What kind of Christmas would that be?


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