Legalized Molestation

You know, Americans should be outraged that TSA agents are allowed to conduct invasive searches of our bodies.  Groping, really.

We as Americans are treated as cattle; we really are.  Just put your head down and shut up!  We cannot even take pictures of politicians, and yet to board a plane we have to first get groped.

What kind of America is this?  Click here for the full article.


John McCain globalist Neo-Con has no respect for our rights or the Constitution.

John McCain’s Attack on Liberty
By Chuck Baldwin
My emphasis in blue.

Anyone paying attention knows that John McCain has been a Big-Government Globalist Neocon (BGGN) for virtually his entire senatorial career. As with many BGGNs hiding out in the Republican Party, McCain likes to talk about smaller government, but his track record is littered with the promotion of one big government program after another. But, what else would one expect from a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)?(Globalist organization bent on a new world order)

Lately, however, McCain has outdone himself. He has introduced two bills in the US Senate that are about as Machiavellian as they could be. I am referring to S.3081, a bill that would authorize the federal government to detain American citizens indefinitely without trial (un-Constitutional and un-American, McCain should be thrown out for even thinking of something like this), and S.3002, a bill that would authorize the federal government to regulate vitamins, minerals, and virtually all health and natural food products (he should be a Democrat).

According to, “Last week, John McCain introduced a bill into the U.S. Senate which, if passed, would actually allow U.S. citizens to be arrested and detained indefinitely, all without Miranda rights or ever being charged with a crime.”
(We were scared to death of the Soviet Union, now it looks like we are becoming the Soviet Union)

The Examiner report continued by saying “This bill, introduced by McCain, who despite overwhelming evidence, claims to be a ‘conservative,’ would not only take away our right to a trial, but would also allow the federal government to arrest and imprison anyone the current administration deems hostile.

“Of course, that would be the same administration whose Homeland Security Secretary has classified veterans, retired law enforcement, Ron Paul [and Chuck Baldwin] supporters, and conservatives as ‘terrorists.'”
(I guess I’m one)

The Examiner report concluded by saying “If it was not clear before, it should be now that John McCain has as little respect for the Constitution as he does for our borders.”


If Juan McCain gets his way, your constitutional right to a speedy trial by jury is gone, as well as your constitutional right to Habeas Corpus. But, of course, they would attempt to justify this by claiming it is being done in the name of national security and the war on terrorism.

See the Examiner report at:

Regarding McCain’s desire for the federal government to take over the vitamin industry, attorney Jonathan Emord wrote, “If you had any doubt about whether John McCain is a limited government conservative, you may put that doubt to rest–he is not. On February 3, 2010, John McCain introduced to the United States Senate the Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. Reflecting upon this poorly written bill, I am struck by the fact that John McCain apparently sees little difference between fissile material and dietary supplements. He is intent on regulating supplements as if they were radioactive enriched uranium rather than bioactive vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and botanicals that more often than not help people.

“The Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010 enjoys support from the most liberal members of Congress. It is an invitation for the FDA to assume broad new powers and replicate here the system now operating in Europe over dietary supplements where dietary ingredients are presumed adulterated and unlawful to sell unless pre-approved by the government. In short, good bye free enterprise, good bye limited government, and hello more heavy handed, arbitrary and punitive FDA bias against the beleaguered dietary supplement industry.”

See Emord’s column at:

Please remember, this is the same John McCain that, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, said he would “order the secretary of the treasury to immediately buy up the bad home loan mortgages in America.” Of course, McCain didn’t explain where this authority would come from, because such a proposal has no legal or constitutional authority. And, by the way, this one little sentence, if implemented, would cost taxpayers some $300 billion.

McCain also said he wanted to tap Mr. Climate Change Wacko himself, Al Gore, “to work in his administration on developing a new and much tougher U.N.-sponsored global warming treaty.”
(New World Order!)
(Source: Cliff Kincaid. See his column at: )

This is the same John McCain who addressed the Hoover Institution on May 1, 2007, and said if he were elected President, he would create a new international organization known as “The League of Democracies” (LD) (Like we don’t already have enough of them).

In advancing the LD, McCain said, “We should go further and start bringing democratic peoples and nations from around the world into one common organization, a worldwide League of Democracies.” He then added, “The new League of Democracies would form the core of an international order . . .(New World Order – Christians beware!)”

See McCain’s speech to the Hoover Institution at:

If McCain and his CFR buddies get their way, this new LD would be a United Nations on steroids! As I said all over America on the campaign trail in 2008, “John McCain is a globalist.” Of course, so is Barack Obama. In fact, every President since (and including) George H.W. Bush has been a full-fledged, rotten-to-the-core globalist.

And, yes, this is the same Juan McCain who is one of the primary movers and shakers (along with Obama, Lindsey Graham, and G.W. Bush) attempting to provide amnesty to illegal aliens and open America’s borders to illegal immigration.

And now McCain wants the federal government to take over the vitamin industry, and he wants to give the federal government the power to jail American citizens indefinitely without trial.

The citizens of Arizona can do the American people–and liberty itself–a great favor this year by giving Senator John McCain his walking papers. Big-Government dinosaurs like McCain are an albatross around the neck of freedom and constitutional government. If we don’t send them packing now, the shackles they put around our throats will become insufferable.

P.S. As this column goes to press, word has come to me that the State of Florida is poised to vote on a bill that calls for a Constitutional Convention. Readers should familiarize themselves with the dangers that a new Con Con poses to our liberties and to the very Constitution itself. Please read my previous columns on this subject at:

And if you live in Florida, contact your senators immediately to let them know in no uncertain terms that they must reject any bill calling for a Constitutional Convention!

Get a reward for ratting for the IRS

Honestly, I can see where someone would want to cheat on their taxes.  I mean, look at the economy.  It sucks.  But you know those pesky IRS boys, if you cheat, they will find it out.

Now I don’t have a problem with taxation as long as it is honest.  Thanks to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and the incrimental progression of bigger government I don’t think that we can go back to no federal income tax.  It’s a novel approach but one that won’t work entirely, I’m afraid.

In a down economy, the temptation to cheat on taxes is much stronger because people are in more desperate situations more often,” said Bill Raabe, a tax expert at Ohio State University’s business school.

In the IRS’ more than 140 year snitching program you can turn in a family member, your boss, your ex, and for all of this you get up to 15% or a reward up to $10 million dollars.

“You probably get a mix of people with the informant program. You’ll have spouses –– or ex–spouses probably –– as well as ex–employees turning in their employers,” said Raabe. “But you really have to think, ‘is it worth my time to report that guy?'”

Granted I don’t like taxation anymore than anyone else, and I think that snitching isn’t exactly right either, but go by your own conscience.  Income taxation is legal plunder, government taking what it wants.  Here in America we like to call ourselves the land of the free, but when it comes tax time how free do we feel?  How free do we feel when the money taken out of our paychecks goes to pay a $1 trillion dollar a year foreign policy?  Or billions and trillions of dollars worth of deficits and borrowed dollars?

There’s a slogan in the United States that says Freedom isn’t Free.  This is implying that freedom is a privilage or given to us by government.  But truth be known, freedom is a God-given right and these are things given to you by the Constitution.

CNN: Government wants to hold sex offenders idefinately?

I saw on CNN today where there is talk of sex offenders being held indefinitely even after trial, conviction, and even after they serve their time.  Now as a person who is anti-government, I cannot support this.  It seems that the guv’ment looks to hold anyone they want without trial at will.  Many are asking the question “if they do this with sex offenders, where will it end?”  Robbers?  Murderers?  How much of the population will they suspend constitutional rights?

We could argue on the basis of the safety of the people, but once the rights of others are suspended we are all at risk.