The Indiana Primaries Are Over!

Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterback...
Curtis Painter and Peyton Manning, quarterbacks of the Indianapolis Colts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, the Indiana primaries are over, and now I guess we can all get along with our lives.  Of course, all this means is that the politicians will ratchet up the rhetoric a few notches.

The headline here in Indiana (besides Peyton Manning getting the boot) is that Richard Lugar (the longest-serving member of Congress in Indiana history; as if that’s really commendable) got the boot as well.

A few nights before the vote, I saw Lugar saying that should Mourdock get the primary victory, it will be an up-hill battle for Republicans to keep the seat come November.  In short: He’s a party politician.

Well, Lugar, the voters got tired of you constantly voting against an American’s right to bear arms.  Not to mention the fact that you’re called “Obama’s favorite Republican”.  People just couldn’t take you seriously.

During Mourdock’s victory speech, he called for his supporters to give Lugar a round of applause for his great service to our country.  I’ll tell you what would be ‘true’ service to your country: Having members of Congress salaries around thirty-thousand a year and have all of them live out of double-wides.

Romney has pretty much wrapped up the GOP nomination.  The way he got the nomination is a conspiracy, I’m sure.  You can be certain of that if Santorum gets the V.P. nomination bid.  What I find really hysterical is all the posturing we see during the primary race, the trash-talking and back stabbing; but the moment a politician drops out of the race, he throws in his support for the frontrunner – the same guy he bad mouthed!

Come November eighth, I’ll be voting for third-party.  Give them all the Dick Lugar treatment!


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