Who weeps for the child?

In Toledo, Ohio, a young couple have been accused of leaving behind an infant in a garbage bag in the freezer.  I know what you’re thinking – sick, right?  But we don’t want to hear that sort of stuff, do we?  Whenever we do, we shake our heads and comment on how sick society is.

But then again, it’s a sick world.  Now I know why God said he “regretted” – “was grieved”, depending on your translation – for making mankind.

We question how someone can shake a baby to death.  Imagine it (if you can) a child being shaken.  Held in the hands of their murderer like a tool caught in a vice, this child has done no wrong.  Their arms flail, the head snaps back and forth, to and fro – perhaps there’s the audible sound of its jaw slapping open and shut.

Soon the baby the is lifeless.  With its eyes rolled back in its head, the innocent life taken, lies limp in the arms of the murderer.

But it’s a sick world.  And we have to deal with it.

As a parent, it outrages me that a baby would meet such an end; that the preliminary charges brought to those involved would be “child endangerment”.  The death of a child due to the hands of a malicious and narcissistic asshole is so common place, our consciences have become seared.  In other words, they don’t affect us – but only for a fleeting moment.

And then there’s the Martin/Zimmerman case.

Gaining such a visceral reaction, masses have protested, websites were formed in support for the Martin family; a belligerent member of Congress needed to be escorted off the House floor for wearing a hoody, and shameless special interest groups have weighed in to further their ‘progressive agendas’.  What should have been left to the due process of law, has now become national charade.

A child, an infant is left with a freezing grave, and tomorrow it will be yesterday’s news.  A shooting happens in Florida, and the possible legal repercussions may affect us for a long, long time to come.

It truly is a sick world.


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