While Congress gets wealthier, we live in poverty!

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Christianity, Conspiracy Theory
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In the New Testament, Jesus is teaching his disciples about “leading” and “serving”.  He knew His time was short and he had to give them the proper instructions to carry on his ministry.  What Jesus said is one of the core principles of ministry; for that matter, it could very well define the word “ministry” – to assist, and to put your own needs last.

Jesus said, “For you won’t be like the rulers of the earth, where they lord their authority over others.”  And “to be first you must be last”, and finally, “to be served, you must serve.”

Now look at our nation today!  Or better yet, have a gander at this graph of the assets and liabilities of members of Congress, as compiled by USA Today.  Darrell Issa (R) California has a net worth of over four-hundred million dollars!  And they want to criticize those who have medicaid and other social programs so they can make it by?!

How someone can vote for a Party Politician is beyond me.


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