If I could ask any politician one question…

Politicians Political figures like Sarah Palin like to have a scripted dialogue with constituents.  Even worse, many of the questions don’t touch on issues that Americans should be concerned about.

For instance, while many Americans strive for work, keeping a roof over the heads of family members, food in their bellies, and we ourselves struggle with a budget; members of Congress are locked in a superfluous debate of raising the debt ceiling.

Granted, I believe that the United States has lived beyond its means for too many years, but politicians from both sides of the aisle are at fault, contrary to the House Speakers words of blaming President Obama.  During his speech to the nation, President Obama said that Ronald Reagan signed eighteen debt ceiling hikes and George W. Bush signed seven.  Where was the Republican or Tea Party opposition then?

The obvious fact is that we’ve kicked the tiger in ass and now we have to face his teeth.

Which brings me to this point: Since Americans are starving, looking for work, and living in “tent cities”, why are members of Congress so handsomely compensated for their services?  Seriously, it’s not like they’ve done a superb job.

Most members of Congress make $174,000.  Speaker of the House John Boehner makes $223,500.

So my question would be: Are you really worth that much?

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