Say it ain’t so, Weiner!

Weiner resigned.  Nothing more needs to be said, does it?

To be honest, I didn’t think that he would.  After all, his scandal wasn’t as bad as those of others in the past, and he violated no laws.  But with the constant onslaught of the Republicans acting as vultures and the Democrats going on their own campaign to oust him, how can a man survive?

Nancy Pelosi even went to the airwaves to condemn his actions and publicly called for his resignation.  This was all deserved, right?  Weiner embarrassed the Democrats.  But one should ask Pelosi why she supported Charles Rangel for eighteen months while he was under investigation for ethics violations.

But as one colleague of Weiner’s said: This where you find the difference between “money” and “morals.”

In a short time, Weiner will be just another page in history; just another member of Congress to have had an affair.  However, I also think this shows just how fickle politicians can be.


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