My movie review of Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees
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When I saw the trailer for this movie, I had high hopes for it.  After the Jason goes to Hell, Jason X, and the less than suspenseful Freddy vs. Jason debacles, I was ready for an honest rendition of the Friday the 13th franchise. 

After all, Rob Zombie made a success – and probably bigger than the original series – of the Halloween movies.  But, then again, Rob Zombie lives in the world of the morbid.  But how much detail can you go into when the motivating factor for a serial killer is when his mother was killed?

What I liked about this movie:  Aside from my wife sitting here with me and continuously talking in my ear, I find it hard to come to any real definite reasons why I liked this movie, besides the fact it was a Jason horror flick.  So on with the next category, please.

What I didn’t like about this movie:  The acting was terrible, there was a serious lack of suspense, the plot line was predictable, and the situation in which Jason Voorhees picked off his victims was standard as usual.  Friday the 13th’s only saving grace were the nudity and the sex scenes.  About the only difference between this one and the old franchise in which I grew up with, was the fact of the explanation of how Jason gets around so easy (he has tunnels and catacombs), and instead of walking stiff-legged at full speed, Derek Mears’ Jason actually ran.

In short, the newest installment the Friday the 13th series is one big cliché.  I give the movie one big fat D.


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