Oppositon to the ‘N’-word a new McCarthyism?

Posted: January 22, 2011 in News, Politics
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Before I get into it, here is a quick reminder of Dr. Laura Schlessinger:

She’s such a dumbass.  Sensitivity?  A sense of humor?  A black woman calls in trying to get some help…and she’s supposed to have a sense of humor?  And where in the hell did HBO come from?  Is this woman Chris Rock?  Is this woman a black comic?  To be quite honest, this woman sounded to be educated.

Newshouds has written an editorial of Schlessinger appearing on Hannity to receive a pep talk.  With Hannity’s softball questions, Dr. Laura was pretty much given a free pass.  But more than that, it was trying to vilify those of the left who have used the same lack of common sense.  As if that makes Dr. Laura’s conduct that more right?

Now Dr. Laura has the right to free speech under the First Amendment.  But so do the rest of those who find her speech offensive. 

Click on the link above, scroll down and watch the clip; and did Sean Hannity really compare the attacks on Dr. Laura to that of the “new McCarthy”?  The very real fact that Hannity inducted ‘McCarthy‘ into the issue shows his utter disrespect for the historical integrity of our nation during one of her darkest periods in the twentieth century.


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