If Sarah Palin cannot take criticism, then she shouldn’t be President

As the title says; If Sarah Palin cannot take criticism, then she shouldn’t be President.  You can look at President Obama and already tell the difference in his age.  Where else can you have a job where you have over two-hundred million voters bitching at you?

During her interview with Sean Hannity last night, Palin said that ‘they’re not going to shut me up’.  Good.  The more you talk, the more people will see that you are not the one to be the Chief Executive.

And all of this criticism is somehow a means to thwart what Palin is doing.  Sarah, YOU’RE NOT DOING ANYTHING!  You’re making millions off of books and book signings, your contributions to Fixed News, and your vastly filtered interviews and speeches.  You’re not even the Governor of Alaska anymore, so why in the hell are you still called Gov. Palin?  You quit your job, remember?

While Sarah’s map of the United States with crosshairs was not meant to incite rage or anger or the possible assassination of a public servant; she is polarizing and despite reasons that I can possibly fathom, people listen to her.

Her address on Facebook wasn’t so much an attempt to share her condolences as it was a political stump speech, and all in the name of saving her ass.


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