Benchwarmer War-Fighter Sean Hannity says that we ‘should invade Kuwait and take all their oil’

Remember when Keith Olbermann offered Hannity $10, 000 for every second he lasts while being waterboarding?  Well, he hasn’t changed much.  In the movie We Were Soldiers, Sam Elliot (army soldier)  hands  Barry Pepper (journalist) an M-16 and tells him to go fight.  Barry Pepper responds that he is not a soldier, and Sam Elliot says, “today you are.” 

In the following clip you will see Sean Hannity asking why hasn’t Iraq paid for their own reconstruction, and paid the American people for the lives of soldiers lost?  Like money can bring back a lost loved one?  A son can have his father back?  You have the ability, Hannity, to say idiotic words like this because you sit behind a desk!  You run and whine when snow balls are thrown at you.

Only Sean Hannity who makes millions of dollars a year can sit behind a desk and tell the American people what to think.  Here’s a question:  If Sean Hannity is so much for war, why doesn’t he go fight it?  Or maybe you should do as Jack Nicholson once said to ‘go stand a post’ because ‘I don’t give a damn what you think you’re entitled to!’

Or maybe Hannity is a chicken shit!  I have more respect for a man who goes and fights in a war that I don’t agree with.  But, Hannity, there is no respect for you.  You’re just hot air.


One thought on “Benchwarmer War-Fighter Sean Hannity says that we ‘should invade Kuwait and take all their oil’

  1. Kuwaiti

    We respect America and appreciate the efforts in 1990…but please keep in mind that war was well prepaid … ask the American goverment.

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