Sarah Palin is Sacred to Fox News

Now I am for a smaller, less invasive government, and I don’t want the government to decide everything for me, but I am not going to go on a rant about using ‘our second amendment remedies’.  I am for the Second Amendment just as much as I am for the rest of the Bill of Rights – to understand the Constitution and the meaning of freedom and liberty, we must accept the freedoms and liberties of all Americans; no matter how derogatory their conduct is, or the hideousness of their crimes.

With that being said, while I cherish these rights and appreciate their value; I am not about to make the cause to keep these rights that much more difficult by trading my life for the life of a member of Congress.  Congresswoman Giffords is a wife, a daughter, and a mother.  The nine-year old little girl who died will be loved and missed by parents and grandparents alike.  Loughner should consider this while he is sitting in prison – preferably death row.

Lone gunmen who consider/attempt to assassinate members of Congress based on your theory that somehow you are scoring another victory for liberty, you just made the fight for the rest of the law-abiding citizens who have guns that much more difficult to keep them.

Take a look around in your world of illusion, no one is with you.

Watch as Fox News cuts away from a vigil for the victims as Sarah Palin’s name is mentioned.


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