Tucker Carlson, You’re Batshit Crazy!

Boy, when Fox News has nothing to talk about they really have nothing to talk about, do they?  During the ‘Great American Panel’ session (12-28-10) Tucker Carlson said that Michael Vick should have been ‘executed’.  Really?  Executed?

To start off his nonsensical rant, Carlson said, “I’m a Christian.”  Why in the hell (does using the ‘H’ word make me not christian?) do Fox News pundits have to wave the Christian flag?  Are they lacking in security?  Do they feel that God is going to smite them where they stand?

Seriously, they’re just dogs.  I read a study not long ago that cats and dogs combined outnumber humans in the United States.  I’ve known men who go racoon hunting with Beagles, and if that dog don’t hunt or is gun shy, they kill him.

At the 3:23 mark Eric Bolling brings up the Michael Vick/Barack Obama fiasco and gets his nose rubbed in dogshit (pardon the pun).


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