Megyn Kelly has nothing else to talk about, so lets take a jab at Vick and Obama

You know, Megyn Kelly tries really hard to be a journalist, but she inevitably

Conservative?...What's next, Playboy...We hope so!

falls flat on her face.  Isn’t it so sad?

President Obama called the Philidelphia Eagles owner to praise him for trying to use green energy to power their stadium, and in the course of things, I guess, the President praised him for giving Michael Vick ‘a second chance’.

This is more of a chance to blast the President than it is to smear Michael Vick.  Given that what Vick did was disgusting and cruel, but should a celebrity having such a glorious chance come as a surprise?  Evidently, Kelly and any other avid Fox News viewer thinks that Vick should be castrated and hung out to dry.

Never mind the fact that Eagles fans love him, he is having a record year, and he will be going to the Pro Bowl.  And could we see a Super Bowl ring in the making?

Michael Vick did his time.  But, of course, in America, we don’t like to forget the mistakes of others.  The old saying ‘paid his debt to society’ holds no weight.  But, again, this was more of a smear campaign on the President than it is Mr. Vick.

Michael Vick, I wish you well.  Even if you did beat my Colts.


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