If we’re fighting for freedom abroad, why are we losing our Rights here?

I started a conversation with someone I work with last night (just wanting her response) about how service members in the military feel that they are somehow ‘more patriotic’ than those who have not enlisted.  But this will be saved for a later post.

Anyway, she asked me if my rights were threatened, would I fight or would I stand back and say, “I’m anti-war.”  Keep in mind that the hypothetical ‘rights were threatened’ situation she used was not well described.

You know, I am getting real tired of the “fighting for our freedoms” rhetoric.  If we were fighting for our freedoms, things such as what follows in the video would never happen in this country.  Period.

Militants in the Middle East we are fighting really have to be laughing their asses off.  Because we are scaring ourselves in oblivion.  Just like the Japanese-American internment in concentration camps; just like the McCarthyism propaganda under the “Red Scare”.

Our rights are eroding, and we’re the ones to blame.

You Are a Terrorist


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