It just has to be said…

 Second to the Warren Commission’s “lone gunman” and the “single bullet theory”, the theory put forth from the government’s war propaganda machine of “if we’re not there, they’ll come over here”, and “we are fighting for our freedom” is the grossest lie ever sold to the American people.

It really is.  Watch the video.

Now you have to ask yourself; how is it that we can be sold all of this war propaganda, and yet still be led to sleep and allow government do things like this?  Spying on one another?  That’s the most rediculous thing I’ve ever heard. 

What kind of country do we live in where our rights can be thrown away, and in often times be expected to take part in it, while the military is engaged in never ending war for the profit of the few?

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no “war for freedom”.  There never has been.  The 2010 elections – if it were any kind of a start to any kind of a revolution was just a shot in the dark.


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