Ron Paul Courageously Stands up for Americans Rights: Enough is Enough!

The American people have the right to travel around the United States without being x-rayed, groped, or stopped along a highway because the military has put up blockades.  The government says that when we buy an airline ticket we “give up our rights”.  But as Congressman Paul says, “it is the duty of the government to protect our rights.”

People don’t have a problem with warrantless wiretaps or domestic eavesdropping by the government, but once you mention an infringement upon their right to own a gun or the freedom of speech – oh boy – don’t touch that!

Rights are not something that we can give up.  You cannot pick and choose what right you want to keep and what right you don’t want to keep.  It’s a packaged deal.  These Rights are what Our Founders fought so hard for.  And with a government that is fraught with conspiracy and corruption, why are we so willing to give up our rights?  Why are we so willing to trust them?

The government looks at us as if we are the ones to blame for everything.  We need to be investigated.  Well, for a change, let’s investigate the government.  Let’s hold tribunals and trials.  Enough with voting your “conscience” or “the lesser of two evils”.  Let’s throw these bums out on their asses.

Have you not noticed that since the elections, the government isn’t really sending “reassurances” in the fight against terror?  That the would-be attacks have stopped?  These all work in one cohesive fashion to drive fear at the heart of the American people.  It keeps you in support of a failed and corrupt foreign policy.  It keeps, though it may be small, your support for increased drone attacks in Pakistan under the guise of the “hunt for Osama bin Laden”.

If we were fighting for freedom we would be throwing the bums out all across this nation.


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