Moscow is building nuclear bomb shelters, why aren’t we?

It’s not like the United States and Russia is locked in nuclear standoff, just waiting to see who has the bravery to fire the first missile.  It’s not like Russia once again is putting nuclear warheads ninety miles off of our southern coast.

In the event of a nuclear emergency, members of Congress and the President have a place to go, but the American people won’t.  When the nukes fly and the sirens wail, we will be watching the mushroom clouds, and whistling Dixie.

So why is Russia Today reporting that emergency bomb shelters to be built in Moscow before the end of 2012?  Well, their reason is that the ones from the Cold War are drastically outdated.  Makes sense.  But if we think of this logically, the Age of Nuclear Threat has never truly passed. 

The United States says that Iran is trying to obtain nuclear weapons.  We invaded Iraq based on the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Our forces are in Afghanistan are trying to establish a “tolerant” society, when in reality, we are just trying to create a puppet government.  Iran sells the Taliban weapons and Saudi Arabia gives them money.  The Taliban gets help from bases in Pakistan and to “buy” influence, the United States gives Pakistan money.

Did I mention that Pakistan has nuclear weapons?

In the 1980’s, the United States created, funded, and supported the Taliban and al-Qaeda in various ways.  Now look where we are, stuck in a quagmire.  Afghanistan’s government is frought with corruption, our forces don’t know who are their friends, so how do we think that doing the same thing that started all of this will somehow have a better outcome?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was right; we are fighting the situation that we caused.


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