Bill O’Reilly “Jokes” About Beheading Dana Millbank

This one = annoying

Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly seem to mistake “opinion” for “journalism”.  O’Reilly was on a tear of Dana Millbank because of “lies” he put in one of his columns.  In one part of the video he says, “I think we should beat him up.”  Megyn did not grab hold of the line.

While O’Reilly likes to say that you cannot “give an opinion based on a lie”; it’s not like O’Reilly ever lies, is it?  Towards the end he asks Kelly if Sharia Law allowed them to behead Dana Millbank.  But, after all, like Bill, it was just a joke.

Whether or not Millbank put in some factual errors in his column, that is beside the point.  The very fact is, is that O’Reilly is arrogant, and repugnant.  He is an opinion-piece, not a journalist.

O’Reilly gives an opinion – Shut Up!  But, again, that’s an opinion.

Setting aside the Obama/Bill Ayers link; watch as Megyn Kelly mistakes journalism grasping for ratings for passion on the camera.


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