Why I’m Voting Libertarian

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Today is voting day in America.  And many of us are making the journey to the voting booths this moring despite the cold.  Many of us will vote for the candidate just on the basis of party.  Because, after all, they are a Republican so they must go along with the Republican ideology, right?

The difference between the Democrats and Republicans is that the Democrats live up to big government and the Republicans cannot live up to the ideology of “smaller government”.

It has only been since President Obama took office that the Republicans have caught onto the “Tea Party fever” and talked of a balanced budget.  Although, the Republicans fail to let go of the interventionist foreign policy. 

By definition of the political tests; I am a Libertarian.  Although, I am not a purest Libertarian.  I would love to see the day that the Libertarian party has a voice truly heard in Congress.  But maybe that will be the day when mankind lives on Mars.  And until that day comes, I will vote Libertarian whenever available; instead of believing in the two-party scam.

A race that has been labeled a “race to watch” in my area is the Coats/Ellsworth fight, and believe me when I say that it has turned ugly as ugly can get.  Smear ads interrupt my Sundays watching football.  When politicians engage in this sort of discourse, it really has a way of turning off the voting populous.  Then eventually, they just vote for party.  Me…I’m casting my vote – that for some say has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

But I don’t care.  I refuse to buy into the two-party scam.  Foreign policy is a major topic with me.  Because, like the two-party scam, it is a flat out lie.  Running as a Libertarian against Coats and Ellsworth is Rebbeca Sink-Burris.  Here is what she says of our nation’s interventionist foreign policy.

Defense Budget

Defense spending makes up the majority of our nation’s bloated budget. While it doesn’t mark the most fruitless spending, it could be trimmed down with ease. The fact is, “defense” spending should be simply that: spending for a mutual defense for American citizens against foreign and other threats. The current and other recent administrations have used this “defense” misnomer to describe monies spent on interventionist policies. It is my goal to trim down the imperialist budget into a defense budget, saving billions annually. As a first step, I would support placing the entire Department of Defense and Homeland Security portion of the budget.


In time of economic turmoil it serves us best to concentrate our efforts inward. The United States has more than 150,000 military personnel in 120 foreign bases. A peaceful world brings about peaceful and free trading policies, but that does not mandate nation-building and it must come second to domestic fiscal policy.

That’s my candidate!


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