Christains In America Just Don’t Care

As news spreads about Muslims in Paris, France taking to the streets and praying, and as Americans learn of this; fear creeps in and the one thought that creeps into their minds is: What if that happens here?  So…what if that does happen here?  What would be the reaction?  Would Christians take to the streets as well?  Would there be revolt?  A new age in social war?

As I’ve pointed out earlier; not all Muslims are bad.  Not all of them are terrorists.  And not acts of terrorism are committed by Muslims.  What can be said of KKK/Nazi groups in America preparing for a “culture war”?  Look, we can go all through history and see our own riddled past, but the main question remains: What would Christians do?

I was in church not long ago and the Pastor of our church showed a video of people saying that they don’t take the Bible literally; even Christians are saying this.  Thanks to the anti-homosexual rhetoric; homosexuals feel alienated.  Christianity, and therefore God, does not love them.  It thanks to the moonbat crazy members of Westboro Baptist Church going around and protesting dead soldiers funerals in the face of grieving family members,  and saying that due to homosexuality that our soldiers are dying, and on top of that; saying the “AIDS cures fags”; it is because of all of this that people today hate Christians.

I can bet that a majority of Americans – without the controversy this year and Google – cannot name the date on which the National Day of Prayer falls on.  Most Christians would be happy to sit in church and let the pastor tell them how to live their lives.  Live like a bastard all week and be a saint on Sunday.  We sit, we listen, and when the preachin’ is done and the songs have been sung, we leave the church feeling better; at least for one day.  We’re all guilty of this.

The decredationg that America finds itself in is thanks to the American people.  About a month ago; my church held a twenty-four hour prayer vigil to be held over the weekend.  I participated, but a majority of the church did not.  Why?  Because they don’t care.  Less and less people go to the altar for the pastor to pray over them at our church.  They’re either too stubborn to move or too embarrassed to be seen going forward.

If tomorrow Muslims would rally in New York City and pray in the streets; Christians would have a fit.  But how many times have we seen Christians do the same thing?  How many christian marches do we see on Capitol Hill?  If one day out of the year is all we have to “offer” to God as a “national day of prayer”, then we are in big trouble.  How many churches that read this post can say that their church went to the court house lawn and prayed?  Or held a parade?  How many?

Churches today have become too comfortable with the lost finding them, instead of the church finding the lost.  At my church we have a biker mission group that used to go out into the city and raise money for charities, and since the president of that group left, they don’t do it anymore.  And in the words of the former president of that group, “they’re nothing.”

I know a pastor down in St. Louis who goes out into the ghetto and meets with hookers, strippers, addicts, and the homeless, and homosexual.  He doesn’t try to ram the Bible down their throats.  Instead, he takes a different approach; he becomes their friend.  Once he asked a porn addict/alcholic/stripper fan if he could say a short dicreet prayer with him, and do know what the man’s reaction was?  “Pastor, you’re gonna have to say a long indiscreet prayer for me!”

Christianity isn’t about shedding the light on people’s sins so the whole world can see.  It is shedding the light of Christ on the people so the dark will run in terror.

If the theory holds true that Muslims want to come into this country and “change” our culture, then the complacent church is only to blame.


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