Einstein’s Definition of Insanity – Israel

As early as this month the Israel Aerospace Industries announced that they have signed as deal with Russia to the tune of $400 million dollars.  Russia wil buy the drones over a period of three years and they will be assembled in Russia.

“This is a huge step toward deepening cooperation between IAI and Russian industry. This agreement will also strengthen the bilateral relationship between Israel and Russia,” the two companies said in the statement.

Einstein’s theory on insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. 

Now without using big words and going smart on everyone; can anyone say that this will go well?  Russia?  A nation that has recently been selling weapons to Iran.  A nation that has historically been opposed to Israel.  Does anyone remember the Six Day War?

Now Russia’s military is obsolete and these weapons will greatly enhance their already floundering war policy.  

Just recently the Obama administration proposed $2 billion multi year deal to fund Pakistan in the “fight” against terrorism. 

I think I agree with Ron Paul when he said, “what’s going on here?”


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