Rand Paul to Conway: “You can tell you’re lying when your lips are moving”

Last nights Senate debate in Kentucky between Rand Paul (son of Congressman Ron Paul) and Jack Conway took a heated turn.  In recent months GQ and the Washington Post has run stories of Rand Paul kidnapping, drugging and forcing a woman to “worship” his god “Aqua Buddha.” 

Now these stories would have a lot more validity to them if: (1) The source gave her name.  (2) There was some sort of police investigation; which there was not.  (3) And, thirdly, if the victim had not said that everything is being blown out of proportion.

Watch the clip below:

In his opening statement Rand Paul addressed the issue of Jack Conway’s commercials in saying that politics has hit a “new low.”  And on several occasions asked Conway “have you no shame?”  But I guess the most disturbing moment for me was that Rand Paul did not deny the incident.  Yes, it happened almost thirty years ago.  No, there is no evidence of the fact.  And like most good Washington scandals; it is sold to a magazine and is something that happened a long time ago, or has gone on for a long time.

This glorious story was sold to a magazine by a woman who refuses to be named.  And by my equation, I would say that it was for monetary gain.  Jack Conway realized that he cannot beat the Tea Parties “Golden Prince” without trying to put dents in the armor.

As for Rand Paul; stick to the issues.  The American people who – in their own way – are fed up with the Republicans and Democrats will see through the bullshit.


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