Someone Get The Duct Tape ‘Cause Ann Coulter and Company Need It

Poor Mike Huckabee...
Image by zcopley via Flickr

The Fox News talks, the more I have to write about.  So, keep talking, Fox News.  With that being said, in the plethora of comments by Ann “The Mann” Coulter, her equating the recent ‘gay’ comments by Paladino as “being in Chicago”, and saying “Go cubs!”  I think that in some distorted sector of her mind, Ann Coulter is serious.  Here’s what she said”:

 “I think someone on this network should (stick up for Paladino), this great warrior to cut your taxes, New Yorkers. I mean (when he made the comments about gays), he’s speaking to Hasidim… It’s like being in Chicago: you say, ‘Go Cubs!’”

Remember Mike Huckabee?  One of the warmongering globalist stooges who ran for President in 2008.  In one of the Republican Primary debates when Ron Paul was busy being “teacher”, Huckabee basically admitted that Iraq is a glorified failure and we are just “fighting for our honor.”  Well, just chock up another dubious statement on the wall for Huckabee.

“I like him (Paladino) because he just – he says all this stuff that I always wanted to say but never could get away with.” has some questions for Huckabee:

So what is it you wanted to say but “never could get away with,” Mr. Huckabee?

That you’ll “take out” someone you’re angry at?

That you’ll send welfare recipients to prison dorms so they can learn “personal hygiene… the personal things they don’t get when they come from dysfunctional homes?”

Bragging about attacks on ethnic groups, saying, “I don’t care if they’re a Dago or a Polack?”

Sending around an email titled, “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal,” with a video showing a dancing African tribesman?

Or would you love to send your pals an email saying, “Proof the Irish discovered Africa” with a video of monkeys doing an Irish dance?

Did I mention that Mike Huckabee is a former pastor?  Apparently, Huckabee has forgotten his Christian teachings.  The following video is of the Hannity/Huckabee interview.  And Hannity says that “journalism” died in “2008” with “Barack Obama”.  Barack Obama?  Really, Sean?  Can you stay on point even once?  Journalism didn’t die in ’08, Sean.  And it didn’t die with President Obama.  Journalism died when you came into the realm.


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