Jesse Ventura: Abolish Inherently Corrupt Parties

Posted: October 14, 2010 in News, Politics
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Chuck Norris said that we should go to Congress, pull all the politicians out, and the ones that have been proven to be corrupt; throw them out.  Wasn’t it John McCain who said that “Washington changed them”?

Now Jesse Ventura has come out against parties.  Even third parties?

“I believe the system is so corrupt, the two parties have corrupted it so bad, that any thirty party, in which to be successful, will likewise have to corrupt itself. If you already have a two-headed monster, why would you need three?”

 “Do not put a name of a party below the person’s name on the ballot. It’s too easy to say, I’m a Republican. And you walk in: Republican, Republican, Republican. You’re voting the party, not the person. And that’s the way it’s all set up.”


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