Today’s Definition of Idiocy Goes To…Dennis Miller – “Sharron Angle is a ‘nice dame'”

Dennis Miller Shirt 006
Image by Liquid29 via Flickr

I am introducing a new…I don’t know what you would call it…but it’s here – Today’s Definition of Idiocy Goes To….  And today just happens to be Dennis Miller.  I am hoping beyond hope that Ann Coulter says or does something stupid to win her spot on here, and the way things are looking for her battles with voter fraud investigation, she may wind up on here sooner than she thinks.

So let’s get started.

Some people are made for comedy.  Some are made for writing, acting, sports, broadcasting, whatever.  And it seems that Dennis Miller has tried just about everything.  All with the exception of trying to be a professional athelete.  He knows about as much about politics as I do about astrology.

But one thing he does know is that he hates Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

On the O’Reilly Factor (10-06-10) during the Miller Time segment, Dennis Miller said the countries going down the toilet (cannot disagree), Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are idiots (G. Dubya was pretty dumb), and that Sharron Angle would make a great Senator.  Why would Sharron Angle make a good Senator?  She’s a nice person and she – as Miller says – “is a nice dame”.

Now the only thing we were able to take away from this atrocious monstrocity was that Miller “can mix paint in his mouth”.  Good to know.

This isn’t so much about politics as it is about substance.  And as we all know, whenever Miller speaks, nothing of substance escapes his lips.  Not even with his long-winded answers and ‘thrown together long words’.


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