Sean Hannity Attacks the President Over Faith…Again

Michelle Malkin Ate My Baby!
Image by Random Factor via Flickr

If you’re a Democrat, no matter who you are, you’ll fall under Sean Hannities crosshairs.  But if you’re a Republican you’ll fall into Hannities umbrella of protection.  If it weren’t for Obama or someone else, Hannity wouldn’t have anything to bitch about.

But a one-sided debate wouldn’t be complete without internment camp loving Michelle Malkin.  Standing on center stage of Obama’s latest testament to the fact that he is Christian was that “he threw his family under the bus.”

When in reality this was a perfect opportunity for Hannity to bring in the name of Jeremiah Wright.  And at one point Hannity says, “I don’t buy it.”  Of course he doesn’t.  President Obama could say that the sky is blue and Hannity would say, “I don’t buy it.”

I like how Kirsten Powers once told Hannity: “Why…can’t you let go of it?  It’s so long ago!”  Indeed, let it go, Sean.

Don’t fall into the trap, Fox News is full of crap.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the issue, but it is hilarious all the same.  It’s Chris Matthews and Malkin debating the John Kerry self-inflicted wounds theory in 2004.


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