Christine O’Donnell Ain’t No Friend of Bloggers

Christine O'Donnell
Image by Mike Licht, via Flickr

Much to the chagrin of my wife, I love my blog and the First Amendment tools it gives me.  Hence, why I get the “red alert” when I hear anyone speaking anti-blog.  Like Christine O’Donnell.

“What makes bloggers good makes them dangerous. They don’t have to answer to anybody. They can give a local story attention, but they also can publish rumors with no accountability.” [Wilmington News-Journal, 1/7/07]

I hate to be the one to break it to her, but that’s the whole point to the First Amendment and blogs.  Others having the same rights brings a natural balance to the blogging world.  And as an after thought, who would that “accountability” be?

But this is the same woman who likens Sex and the City as “dangerous” and “pornography”:

“I think that this show is very dangerous, especially to the women’s movement. It’s no wonder people call it ‘Sluts in the City’ because it teaches young women to be whores, basically, to be used by men, to bed hop. And it ignores the fact that you know when you are treating sex like this that there’s shame, there’s loneliness that follows. And I think that the characters on this show are very revealing in that they long for a true relationship. They long for something meaningful in their lives.” [CNN, 6/1/01]

…and here…

“As a young woman, seeing these women behave like that and acting like that’s normal or that’s even fashionable angers me. These shows are really soft core pornography. … It’s offensive to anyone who really understands what it’s like to be a woman.” [MSNBC’s Hardball, 6/20/03]

…and Friends?

“It makes the treadmill go faster, but it is doing a disservice to society at large. It makes casual sex look fun. It makes the consequences of casual sex look glamorous. And they’re ignoring sexually transmitted diseases. They’re ignoring the broken hearts from pregnancy” [O’Reilly Factor, 5/10/02]

But yet, she considers The Sopranos as a “model family”:

 “The thing that attracts people to “The Sopranos” is the family element. It shows that America still has a longing for that traditional upbringing.” [Hardball, 6/20/03]

The very real fact is that Christine O’Donnell doesn’t know what the hell she’s talking about.  Did I mention that scientist’s want to give mice human like brains according to Christine O’Donnell?  Can you imagine that?  A talking mouse.

Delaware voters should be kind to their state’s integrity and our nation by not voting for Ms. O’Donnell.  To do to the contrary would be dangerous and insanity.


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