Hillary Clinton says we “created the problem we are now fighting”

Certainly when a Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission member admits the obvious, it’s like a big light goes off on the top of their heads.  In recent weeks we’ve seen the Obama administration give warnings and “reassurances” that the United States is doing “everything” in its power to stop global terrorism.

But it’s not like the liberals can come up with their own “manifesto” proclaiming another “Pearl Harbor” style attack as many have said in the past.  I have to wonder why in the world in a time of election would the government come out with “reassurances” against terrorism?  Remember in 2004 when bin Laden made a cameo appearance just before the election?  This sounds a lot like that.

With President Obama’s statements that the United States “can absorb another terrorist attack” and Hillary Clinton’s recent statements that the government is doing everything in its power to protect us, I have to believe that something smells like a trout just died.  After all, this is a government that runs on secrecy.  All this is, is a psychological effect, just to keep you scared.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another attack on the United States between here and the elections to try to give the President’s approval rating an up-swing.  And if I’m right, you can call me the prophet.

The following video shows Secretary of State Clinton admitting that the United States “created the problem” in Afghanistan.  Essentially the people we trained and armed are now our enemies today.  So which leads me to ask, why are we doing the same-old, same-old?


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