Bill O’Reilly and Fox News have no problem with Obama assassination program

Bill o'reilly

The fight for liberty and the Constitution is ongoing.  First, under George W. Bush it was torture.  Which Sean Hannity says waterboarding is not torture.  Now we have the “change” or “reform” administration exercising the right to “assassinate Amer’cans”.  And it is all in the name of “national security” and fighting “terrorism”.

Watch the clip below.  The journalists opinionated “pinheads” at Fox News have nothing against this.  And as you watch the video, you will see that they try to make it look like the CIA has some sort of credibility.  Yeah, right!

The words Constitution, Bill of Rights, Due Process of Law, go in one ear, swims around in the bullshit, and slides out the other ear with these people.  And the ACLU apparently doesn’t care about the safety of the United Sates.

Article of interest: The loss of American Citizenship and Assassinations.


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