The Truth Sobriety of Christine O’Donnell and the Tea Party

If the Tea Party was looking for a potential member of Congress to “clean up Washington” they may need to look elsewhere.  With her admitted past of Satan worship, claims filed by Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW), and all that.

Ms. O’Donnell in true crooked politician form has given very brief and often times non-committal answers to the allegations.  Stating only that “she” did nothing “wrong”, there is “no truth to the charges”, and they have a very skilled lawyer working on the case.  Which to me means code for we’re working very hard to cover our asses!

This is very important to the people of Delaware and the rest of the country.  But more important it goes to the credibility of the Tea Party.  After all, aren’t they the ones whose base is to clean up Washington?  Christine O’Donnell had better start giving some hard answers to some hard questions instead of cancelling interviews and believing she is above the scorn of the American people.

Throw Sean Hannity into the mix…

Leave it to Sean Hannity to skew some facts and lead the charge to defend a  Tea Party backed politician at any cost.  Hannity on the episode of 9/20/10 said that the democrats had found “enemy number one” and “orchestrating a smear campaign”.  By the way, Sean Hannity has never done that a day in his life.

In the true sense of the phrase “baring false witness” (Hannity should know this from the Ten Commandments) that Bill Maher led the charge by “trying to suggest that she (O’Donnell) dabbled in witchcraft as a high schooler.”  Which Sean “Mr. Know-it-all” Hannity should know that Maher didn’t suggest anything, O’Donnell said it all.

In a glorious attempt to try to deflect from the topic and drudge Barack Obama’s name into the equation, Hannity brings up that Obama admitted to snorting cocaine, drinking, blah, blah, blah, and no one wanted to talk about it

On another deflection note, former Clinton advisor turn coat Dick Morris had this to say:   “Hillary Clinton, as First Lady of America, had a séance to summon Eleanor Roosevelt, to talk to her from the dead. This is not a high school prank.”


Now it is highly unlikely with the short memory span that most Americans have that without Bill Maher showing the video of Ms. O’Donnell admitting to dabbling in witchcraft, any of this, would be remembered.  But as Bill says, “I will show a video every week that you don’t come on here.”  I am for the First Amendment right for all Americans to practice the freedom of religion, or in some cases belief, and Christine O’Donnell may not practice witchcraft anymore.  Hell, most Americans at one time have.  I’ve had my tarot cards read twice.  They’re a big joke. But the American people are reluctant about the issue.  And her recent track record of breaking off interviews, showing blatant disregard to answer pertinent questions, raises a lot of question marks as to her credibility as a person, a Tea Party sponsored politician, and a potential member of Congress.

Freedom of the religion is private, but once a citizen steps into the realm of public service, they are inevitably put under the microscope.

As you watch the video, you will see that O’Donnell must have taken some tactic lessons from good Ol’ Bill Clinton in avoidance of questions.


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