Neil Cavuto interrupts the First Ladies speech on Flight 93 – Calls President Obama a nobody

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Fixed News’ fat-faced, spoiled brat Neil Cavuto rudely interrupted First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech on the Flight 93 on Saturday September 11, 2010.  It is no secret that Fixed News hates the new chief executive now living in the White House.  With that being said, it is pretty apparent that they are not – I repeat – are not “fair and balanced.”

Don’t get me wrong, President Obama is not on my favorites list, but come on!  If you’re gonna use the slogan “fair and balanced”, then give the First Lady of the United States the air time she deserves.  You know, Fixed News, the same amount of air time you gave to then-President Bush, and then some.  What would you have done if someone did this to him?

This is just a malicious ploy to bring false hype to the anti-Obama propaganda.

Cavuto, trying to seem intelligent, said, “if you compare between then and now (President Obama) was a nobody.”  So if McCain/Palin would have been elected, would they have been nobodies?  I think that Palin has proven what she is.  John McCain is just another Council on Foreign Relations Globalist who has become too comfortable in his seat as senator. Rupert Murdoch with his strong neoconservative leaning ideals has taken Fox News to “unfair and unbalanced.”

Without September 11, 2001 George W. Bush would have been a one-term president, hands down. But I guess the more Cavuto keeps the more he gives writers to talk about. So keep talking, Cavuto.

But since we’re on the topic of flight 93, take a look at the video.  No where will you find any evidence of a plane crashing as we are told in Shanksville, Pa.


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