Ann Coulter: Environmentalists hate humans

Ann Coulter is “fair and balanced”, sweet as an apple pie – no, wait a minute – that would be the Ann Coulter of a parrallel universe. Never mind.

I guess like the attack on Muslim cabbie, this too would be turned into a political stunt. James Jay Lee was a dimented and twisted man, there’s no doubt about that. But the problem we face here is lumping all people into one category because of one individual. I am still waiting for the gun legislation fanatics to use this as some sort of back-drop to banning guns.

Can we not look at this as a man of a particular political ideology, rather, as a man who committed a crime. Innocent lives could have been lost.

But this did not stop the neoconservative crazed Ann Coulter from asserting that violent political crimes are the work of liberal environmentalists, a statement to which she did not qoute any sources. That was point number one. Point number two was that the tree huggers “end goal” is the “elimination of humans.”

Fox News will not point out that Lee ranted about “immigration pollution” and the “anchor baby filth that follows.”

The liberal media has weighed in on the political spectrum of this event forcing both to debate who is right.

Maybe the earth is over populated, I don’t know. Every human leaves in their wake pollution, but I cannot believe for one second that a world governing body can pass rules or laws and expect everything to run smooth as silk. I believe that the G-20’s summit to bring the world into a world pollution accountability system will do nothing more than make those of the world power elite more wealthy.

But as I have said, Lee should be treated in the public mind as a criminal. A person who took things too far.


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