Whiner of the Week: Sarah Palin

Those of us who are not enamored with the likes of Sarah (I Quit) Palin will see her as what she is – a political oppurtunist. Those who plan to vote for her in 2012 will write any criticism off as an attack from the liberal left.

I am not down with her folksy slang, constant creation of dubious words, nor her biased complaints of the chief executive of the United States.

Ms. Palin has created a new word: lamestream media. Now, by “lamestream” she’s including Fixed News in that category, right? Her basis of calling other outlets “lamestream” is because MSNBC’s Brian Williams didn’t ask President Obama hard enough questions.

In response to accusations of his birth right to be President, Obama said, “I can’t spend all my time with my birth certficate plastered on my forehead.” To which Palin asked “what was he meaning by that” and Obama is insinuating that there is another “right-wing conspiracy”. It wasn’t Fox Nation that put Obama in a a Muslim get-up and questioned his authenticity. No. They wouldn’t do that.

But this is classic Palin – political pandering. This is the same Palin that when she speaks her audiences are selective along with questions, and news media is, by and large stifled. This is the same Palin that resorts to juvenile outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll tell you one group of people who are not in the Sarah Palin’s hip pocket anymore (she accuses the liberal media of being in Obama’s hip pocket), and that is the people of Noblesville in my home state of Indiana. These people waited for hours in the cold and rain for her sign an autograph in her new book Going Rogue, all for Sarah Palin to be a no show. They stood outside her bus and yelled at her.

When fans went to Facebook she finally replied “it came to my attention” that her fans were standing in the cold and she was “sorry.”

Fox News has no right to say Obama has the left in his left pocket. After all, once Bush took office Fox News began to parrot everything the Bush White House had to say.

Palin also began to kiss ass to Hannity that Obama wouldn’t face any tough questions unless interviewed bt Hannity himself.

Folks, we’ve seen about all we’re going to see when it comes to Obama’s birth certificate, just about all we’re gonna see of the Pentagon 9/11 videos.


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