Jerry Springer doesn’t back down from Sean Hannity

It’s always great to see a guest on Fixed News that doesn’t back down to the likes of Sean Hannity.  The debate was over Obama’s track record, healthcare, and spending. 

Somewhere in the interview Hannity says, “if you blame Bush I’m gonna come through this camera and strangle you.”  “Metaphorically.”  We won’t even go into the long and sordid history of Hannity’s rantings against Bill Clinton, but let’s just say Hannity is not “fair and balanced”.

Though I disagree with Obamacare, I must say the Springer held his own, and that is commendable.

Later in the interview Hannity went on another rant accusing Springer of “blaming Bush.”  Jerry fired back saying, “I never mentioned his name.”  And Bush inherited a recession, but did he?

As one economist points out, the economy did not begin to show signs of slowing down until September 2000.  Furthermore, the recession that “Bush inherited” didn’t come into full swing until March of 2001.  Conclusion: Bush did not inherit a recession, it happened on his watch.

Hannity named off a whole slew of things that are wrong with this country: housing bubble, debt, foreclosures, etc., and that Obama has had two years to fix it.  But praise Jerry Springer when he rubbed Hannity own propaganda crap in his face when he said that “not all things can be fixed in two years.”  Even Ron Paul has said that the economy cannot be corrected in that amount of time.  It’s impossible.

All history is relevant and is subsequent to historical ridecule.  One can only guess why Sean Hannity – even when the issue is not brought up – has to bring the name George Bush into the foray, but lets leave that to speculation.

Sean Hannity with his smug look of arrogance makes me want to come through this computer screen and bitch slap him.  Metaphorically.


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