Hannity to Obama: “Man up, stop blaming Bush.” Maybe Hannity should do the same.

Sean Hannity has a gross infuation with Bill Clinton.  You know, it’s inevitable that no matter the topic Bill Clinton’s name will be drug through the mud and into the realm of “No Spin”.  Mr. Hannity is fed up with Obama’s criticism of the Bush administration.  It’s true, Obama has been in office for two years and the problems of Bush are now his, and as I see it Obama isn’t making anything any better.

But where logical people see the true motive, and Sean Hannity apparently doesn’t, is that the whole “blame Bush thing” is just politics.  The Democrats know that they are in trouble, so the only logical political game is to remind the American people of just who started this mess – Bush.  But that’s not the true point, is it?  Admit it or not, Hannity plays the political games just like any other politician.  Here’s the message he had to Obama:

“I am sick and tired of this,” Hannity continued. “Barack Obama, you begged for this job… You campaigned for this job…. He’s had it for nearly two years. Stop whining about President Bush. You know what? Sit at the table, man up! Put your pants on! Make decisions, take responsibility… Stop with the whining. Bush, Bush, Bush! You’re president two years!”

But, as I have said, Sean Hannity has an infatuation with blaming Bill Clinton.

Leave Bush out of the debate…blame Bill Clinton…

In short – because Bill Clinton did not retaliate on the attack of the U.S.S. Cole in October of 2000, Osama bin Laden did not think that the United States would retaliate despite such a terrible attack that cost more than three thousand American lives.  But, wait a minute, Bill Clinton to the 9/11 Commission report said that he did not retaliate because he did not have sufficient evidence that Al-Qaeda was responsible. 

Insuffecient evidence?  Where does that sound familiar?  Oh, yeah, like the lack of evidence that the FBI has linking bin Laden to September 11, 2001.  This of, course does, not get reported by the “fair and balanced” Sean Hannity and his Constitutional abolitioning partner in crime Oliver North.  By the way, here is a great article on the Constitution hater.

The Mark Foley scandal…

Do you remember this?  As for myself, it took me a long time to find out what the hell a “page” was.  But you know where this goes.  Hannity had on some guests who most of the time agree with him, and if they don’t they are liberal push-overs, and the conservatives were trying to do some damage control.  Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were mentioned:

   “You know something? I don’t want to bring Clinton into it. You’re gonna say, well, Monica was 19… Monica was a teenager and she was an intern (In fact, she was 22 when she started working at the White House). Bill Clinton, himself, gave – commuted the sentence of Mel Reynolds who DID have sex with a 16 year-old and when he thought he would have the possibility of sex with a 15 year-old, said he hit the lotto.” Hannity started pounding the desk. “Bill Clinton commuted his sentence!”

Ugh, this guy gets ratings.Hannity’s love of “blame the Clintons” gets so overdone that it caused Alan Colmes to sanap on air.

And he blames Clinton again!

My source: Newshounds.com


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