Palin and Company have got to go

It was only a matter of time before Palin and Co. would give bloggers something to talk about.  Whether it is her characterizing the President of the United States as “cojoneless”, spouting off on Fixed News, or condemning Barack Obama for using a teleprompter while she uses one herself, and on top of that, she has this infatuation with writing crib notes on her hand.  Has she never heard of notecards?  Sarah, notecards make you look a lot smarter.  But that’s between you and me.

As I posted in Life is working out quite well for Sarah Palin, the truth and often times common sense challenged Sarah Palin, will have her own reality show.  While the specifications have not been disclosed, the creator of Survivor (Mark Burnett) will be producing Sarah Palin’s next exploit.  I cannot wait to see it.  As always, she will be able to keep her audiences rivetted.

On a plus side though, Sarah Palin did help – although, it was for a short time – SNL be funny again.

Now Levi Johnston, the on-again off-again boyfriend of Bristol Palin, is now planning a run for mayor of Wasilla in the context of a reality television show.  This is no joke.  The Palin’s and Johnston have exploited the American political system for their own gain.  It is time that the people and the media to stop looking at this family as an example of true American family values.


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